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  1. My hair has gloriously revived after years of dry spell and failed procedures. After having multiple transplant procedures and being left dissatisfied with it, I finally found what I was looking for. My results are astounding even for myself, considering the shortage of donor when I first approached Eugenix. Now as I share my experience from being botched to being bewitched, I can witness the byproduct of a job well done. My case proves that the word "impossible" is really "I'm possible"... I hopes to touch many lives and help them escape baldness by sharing my journey. I also hope to save
  2. Hello Members, Please follow my story on below post.
  3. urther my last procedure which was around 4 months back, even though the complete results have not come out, i am excited to see some growth hence this post. Only few hundred were from the scalp were implanted, as i don't have much donor left, this was used on the hairline, which even i must say is looking absolutely stunning and i am very chuffed. Most of my transplanted hair was used from my beards and some from the chest. have a look at the pics
  4. Thank you mate! I am waiting for the results of this recent procedure. Will keep you posted.
  5. Morning Mel, what i have understood is that an SMP job is only as good as the person doing their craft on your head. I was mighty pissed when i saw my result. it looked bodged up and artificial. you can see the result in one of the above pics i have attached.
  6. Dear Melvin, for sure I have tried and used a lot of hair loss concealers. At the back of my head whenever I went out I have used to use a lot of Toppik and must say it did a decent cover up job. I have also done SMP on my head and that was a real bad job.
  7. Crossing 10,000 grafts at Eugenix! From my first procedure at Eugenix which was around 18 months back where I had done a job of 6500 grafts, wherein 4500 grafts were taken from my beard ,1000 grafts from chest and 1000 from my head. The growth has been phenomenal. My hair came back as did my confidence, this made my mates and family members flock to Eugenix. The Doctors after seeing the reference business I had brought in, kindly offered me to come on board to work in Eugenix in an official role. So here is the disclosure that I have a working relationship with Eugenix now 😊 .
  8. Guys i have written a post some time back on my experience with Eugenix and taken liberty to attach the thread below, if you are to take a decision on chossing a Clinic in India i suggest you should read my post below. In my experience of 4 transplants i have understood making the slits and designing the hairline is the most important part of a hair transplant procedure. With respect to Eugenix they have innovated on FUE technique and made it better by the DHT (Direct Hair Transplant) process. In this DHT case they have one guy who is an expert in extracting, then the around 2 guys who
  9. I would count myself as one of the more experienced patients of Hair Transplantation. I started very young and did my first procedure in London sometime around 1998. Then in Johannesburg South Africa in 2003 and the third procedure in Mumbai in 2014. However after three operations I was still was terribly unlucky with disappointing results and had given up all hope of having hair. Until the day I saw this video of my cousin in an open air jeep during a tiger safari and his hair was flying all over this place. This same guy was a bald guy not so long before that video. I was hugely intrigued a
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