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  1. I would imagine not. after a few weeks the grafts are completely healed and it should be just like normal derma rolling. But you have a good question, ask your surgeon.
  2. wow thank you all for the replies! just to keep you informed im having a consultation with Dr.Rahals team soon. Also with ASMED. But im 99% sure im going with rahal for a few reasons 1)good results, consistently 2)Location, i'm from Detroit so Toronto is only a 4 hour drive AKA no airports 3)USD to CND, Save MAJOR doe because of this. I appreciate each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to post on this thread. Another question I have regarding the crown area, do you see it expanding far down the back of my head? I know fixing crowns is a 'Blackhole' for grafts. Just wondering all of your opinions :) thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feed back☺️ Im mostly worried about “extreme” baldness (just having a horseshoe left). I know the pattern will probably be symmetrical, but do you think it will progress far beyond its area or is it mostly contained?
  4. im 22, im just starting minoxidil. Ill look into finasteride. but if I follow my fathers same pattern, ill just loose the current thinning area and have a large donor area. 2-3 sessions and ill have a full head of hair for the rest of my life. thats why im wondering peoples opinions about the future of my hairloss. @hairlossPA do you think it will expand or stay confined to that area? (I know its not a guarantee but was just wondering what your personal thoughts are)
  5. @Bill - Managing Publisher Ive noticed your input on alot of other forums, do you have an idea about my questions? Thanks
  6. first off, wow this is an amazing result! is this price in USD or Canadian Dollars?
  7. @jonfromozz @Sean Thanks for your responses! @Sean Ive heard from others that my pattern probably wont spread for 2 reasons 1) im already so thin in such a large area and the area next to it is very thick, if it was to spread, wouldn't we already see thinning in those areas? 2) my dad has the same pattern, but is 70 and still has a few hairs. I am on rogaine and I thank you for your well thought out response
  8. 2 questions) How many grafts do you think im gonna need? Do you think my pattern will spread? Or do you think it will only affect the currently affected area?