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  1. Wicky

    dating and ugly duckling

    all 3 are good options, I just wouldnt 'Make a point' if she/he says something then respond accordingly.
  2. I would post regularly with updates if there were any but follicum is supposed to put something out in the news about their phase 2 next week! its on their homepage
  3. Wicky

    FUE into FUT

    Dazed, I think we are talking about 2 different things, I im talking about having and FUE procedure after and FUT procedure and having some of those Grafts put into the scar to conceal it. Does this make sense?
  4. Wicky

    FUE into FUT

    They just put grafts into the scar. so if you shave it down to the skin its noticeable; but at a #1 -2 guard its not. at least thats what youtube has showed me
  5. have any pictures before the procedure? This is gonna look amazing in a year!
  6. Hey all! Has anyone here had an FUE procedure done to cover an FUT scar? Ive seen some youtube videos but want to know of your personal experiences. Thanks Wicky
  7. I would love to see an update on this very interested
  8. Wicky

    Hair Miniturization

    Gottcha thanks
  9. Hey all! Just wondering what the average midscalp density for okay/good coverage is. Please no “depends on your donor hair type and if you have native hairs” type responses lol I know it does. ive heard 35 cm^2 is average. Anyone else?
  10. Wicky

    Hair Miniturization

    Is hair Miniaturization check extremely reliable or just the best we have right now? im talking checking an a NW 4-6 not someone that shows no hair loss. EDIT: I read the above posts and want to make a point. If a hair miniaturization check is close to or on the same level as 'looking at family history' then I dont consider it a good check. just wondering if its better.
  11. So your saying our scars scabs were off in 2 weeks? How long ago till the redness went away?
  12. Okay thanks I couldnt find an answer and I just kept seeing people go "I shaved my head after FUT how do I cover up this huge ass red scar" and I was confused lol.
  13. Hey guys, Ive seen alot of people with shave heads after and FUT talking about going back into work in a few days and having the scar show. My question is do you have to shave AFTER an FUT? I know you dont before, but ive seen a few people do it after and im just confused. I thought you didnt have to? I already looked around and couldnt find a hard yes or no. Thanks!