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  1. 3000 would make it to your crown area, will it be fully dense? no, but you should have a strong hairline and somewhat filled out mid scalp. may you post a pic of your donor? I would like to see for reference.
  2. being only 4 months out ill give the stereotypical 'give it some time' comment. id start growing it out around the 6 month mark and try not to pay attention to it. just my 2 cents
  3. Couldnt have said it better than ^^^ if you truly are "done" balding than go for the most agressive HT you can get but the truth is youre going to be balding till you die, you may have just stopped for a time.
  4. you mean FUT after FUE in your first sentence right @Legend007? Thanks for the feed back
  5. Hey all, So its pretty common knowledge that if you want to maximize grafts from your donor area, you want to go with a FUT first than FUE (unless your pattern is stable). My question is can you get an FUT after getting and FUE? if no, why? With my current pattern and family history, I may stabilizing at a high norwood 5, but i'm still unsure. I would like both options if possible. Hope for the best prepare for the worst type deal. Thanks
  6. To add, Im 22 close to a 5A, but my temples have never gone back from what I can see, ive had the same mature hairline since I was 13, What does this mean? i have no clue. The point is everyone is 100% different from everyone. Hair loss is alot of "I think..." . the only thing we really have to go off long term is genetics
  7. all 3 are good options, I just wouldnt 'Make a point' if she/he says something then respond accordingly.
  8. I would post regularly with updates if there were any but follicum is supposed to put something out in the news about their phase 2 next week! its on their homepage
  9. Dazed, I think we are talking about 2 different things, I im talking about having and FUE procedure after and FUT procedure and having some of those Grafts put into the scar to conceal it. Does this make sense?
  10. They just put grafts into the scar. so if you shave it down to the skin its noticeable; but at a #1 -2 guard its not. at least thats what youtube has showed me