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  1. holy #%@#$%#^ ! looks amazing
  2. wow 4 months and looking good! I like the short hair look on ya! if you want to start growing it out im sure itll look fantastic!
  3. Holy shit dude this is incredible! and only 4months?!?!?!?
  4. Hi Jayant, Ill give you my personnel opinion on your three questions 1) No it is not advised to get a hair transplant so young, especially if you arent doing anything to mitigate your hair loss (finasteride). However no one should tell you what you want to do. If you want to get a HT go for it! Eugenix is doing great work so you should be in good hands. 2) You will only be on finasteride for as long as you care about your hair or care to take it. some people have been on it for life others stop when they want to. 3) I feel Eugenix is a good clinic.
  5. that six month is looking amazing! 6 more to go
  6. like youve said 4 months is still early, it will be interesting to see at 6!
  7. @Craig2412 Nice result! i remember viewing your thread. If you dont mind me asking, whats your age? im 24 rn and im approaching your level of hairloss hopefully the finasteride im taking will slow it down.
  8. Wow looks great! I agree with you on the small touch up Maybe 800-1,000 grafts and this will be an amazing result
  9. for 6 months this is superb! looking forward to your next updates.
  10. wow Crazy good so far! plus only thickening to come if you dont mind me asking, what would you feel comfortable shaving your donor area down to? looks like you almost have a 2-3guard at your 8 month update!
  11. Hi All little explanation. I was on finasteride for around a year with what i believed to be few results. My hair was completely shaved off so its hard to tell how much progress I had. I switched to dutasteride and began to regrow out my hair. I think i had some good gains while on fin but nothing to go crazy over, mostly just the thickening of preexisting hair. However i started taking dut and had watery semen. I than switched to 4 times a week and it stopped. I haven't returned to once daily since. TLDR: Im wondering which is better at blocking DHT, Finasteride every day or dutasteride 4 times a week? Thanks
  12. since we are talking about the reps i had Aaron from Rahal and he was very fast and easy to work with! As for OPs original question, no matter where you go their will always be a chance for a bad result. However ive only seen minimal "bad" results from Rahals FUE cases. Never from his FUTs.
  13. Hey just wondering what guard you are cutting your donor area at?