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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. This post pretty much scares me off of having any work done. Might be best to just accept being bald.
  2. Fantastic job on the donor area. His hair is very short and no one would notice any scarring. That should be applauded.
  3. Still too early. You look to be on schedule for 4 months. Remember your hair was much longer in your before pics so we couldn’t see the full extent of your hair loss.
  4. Still too early. Looks like some growth, but could be different length of hair a bit.
  5. Sorry my friend. No HT here. I’m a poor candidate with diminishing donor. I was looking at doing a small session with Dr. K. or Dr Nadimi to get a buzz cut look with some SMP. That’s why I was following your case to see what you experienced and how you felt about Dr. Nadimi. I’ve been following these boards and the hair restoration field for over 10 years so I hear a lot about what to expect. I’ve only done PRP so far.
  6. Sorry, recipient area itch can be those new buds starting to sprout. Have you gotten any pimples in the area?
  7. You’re still way early in the process. The good news is your donor looks natural. It may be a little thin, but no one is going to notice anything unnatural. Itchy donor could just be those nerve ending finally repairing themselves from the surgery. Make sure you’re scalp isn’t too dry.
  8. Actually that’s quite similar to what Dermatch does. It brushes on the scalp with a pad that looks like a woman’s face powder application. It leaves behind a dust essentially.
  9. Gil, who’s the fella in your pic? He’s got a nice head of hair!
  10. I was prescribed a 12 day course of Prednisone along with Benadryl and a Caladryl lotion. It’s subsided quite a bit, but hands and feet are still red and itchy, just not nearly as bad as last week. It took a good 3 days of treatment to get substantial relief. Just finished my follow up regarding the rash post PRP. Nothing definitive can be determined, but he’s seen one reaction in the last 4 years. However the rash was limited to the scalp and lasted about a month. My rash was much more pronounced on my extremities and my scalp now looks normal. He’s going to follow up with the manufacturer as well as the rep for the anticoagulant used in the process. Again it’s quite possible my reaction was coincidental. I’ll let you know when I hear more. The ACell definitely increases the efficacy of the PRP, however PRP without it is still effective. He continued treatments on the previous patient and saw results, just not as pronounced. Of course each person will respond differently.