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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last year
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain Existing Hair

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    Generic Minoxidil 2% for Women
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    Nioxin Shampoo
  1. May I ask what problems you had with Propecia?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I do feel quite hesitant to take Propecia myself for obvious reasons. If you guys were in my boots, would you go ahead with propecia or wait until something better comes along? I really do want to save my hair, however I would like to preserve my health. Thanks again;)
  3. Thanks Matt, so judging by my progression I'm assuming chances are it won't slow down any time soon. I do feel fairly hesitant towards Propecia for obvious reasons. Do you guys think the risk is worth it? If you guys were in my position what would you do? Thanks again
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out. My hair has been thinning/receding for a few years. My hairloss has progressed from my temples only to my whole hairline. Btw I am 22 years old. Judging by these pictures, what insight can you give me? Would you suggest beginning Propecia? Should I wait out for future hairloss treatments (Hair Cloning, etc.) I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks;)
  5. I have been using 2% Minoxidil (All we can buy in Canada) for 4 months now with no noticeable results or slow down of hair loss. Would you recommend buying 5% minoxidil?
  6. Thank you so much for your response, it was very informative. I won't consider a transplant until my late twenties/early thirties. I have read everywhere that it is important start Propecia at the first signs of thinning. I have been receding at the temples for more than 1 1/2 years now. Recently I have absolutely felt a overall thinning across my entire scalp and my frontal hairline has begun to recede. Ironically I know this because my hair has been easier to style. Regarding Propecia, I feel the more hair I save the more cost effective it would be. At the same time I am beyond scared of the possible side effects. Does a mature hairline involve a general thinning across the entire scalp? What steps should I be taking to treat this currently besides plunging into Propecia? PS I don't want to come off as vain but my hair is sorta my life. I am an actor and having hair, especially at my age, is ideal to say the least. Once again thank-you to all the responses. Your knowledge and experience is much appreciated.
  7. I am 22 years. Both my father and my paternal grandfather experienced hairloss. Is it safe to I will too if I am experiencing this now? And what do you mean by trouble? PS thanks for responding
  8. I have felt a thinning over my entire scalp. My hairline has gone for completely solid to thinning all across. Miniaturized hairs have sprouted across my entire hairline. It has been very progressive. From my research, these are all the signs of MPB. Am I wrong? Do I wait untill it looks worse before acting? I just want to take the smartest approach. Thanks
  9. These are recent pics of my receding hairline. The hair loss has been steadily progressive since 2009. What do you think?
  10. Thank you for your in-depth explanations Future_HT_Doc. You have a lot of knowledge and passion. Know that it is much appreciated by all of us;)
  11. I am currently 21 years of age. I am suffering from a receding hairline. I understand that I am too young to get a hair transplant. My questions: At what age would it be fairly safe to get a hair transplant? How much could this potentially cost? Could I maintain a hairline that resembles a Norwood 2 (my current position)? I want to tackle this problem as efficiently as possible. From your experience what would you recommend? Thanks, Geoff
  12. First off I would like to mention that these photo booth pics make my hairline seem a lot thicker. Just try to imagine thinning farther beyond what you see. I have been paying close attention to my hair loss the past couple of months. Within this time period my frontal hairline went from completely solid, to thinning all across. It seems the right side of my hairline is thinning quicker. Small hairs have popped up all across the hairline. I am certain these are miniaturizing hairs. Furthermore, I have without doubt noticed a general thinning across my entire scalp. My hair loss has been progressing steadily for two years (since I was 19) with no signs of slowing down. my paternal grandfather was Bald and my father was almost bald at the age of 60. My Questions: Is it safe to say that I am experiencing Male Pattern baldness? Would it be smarter to start Propecia sooner than later? Could I expect a complete slow down/stop of my hair loss at the hairline? Final thoughts: It is difficult dealing with this at a young age, especially as an actor. I feel for others who have it worse off than me. I have been juggling the pros and cons of Propecia in my head for awhile. It is all so daunting! Besides the possible sexual side effects, I can barely pay rent let alone pay for both minoxidil and propecia. I have big decisions in front of me. If you guys could give me some insight into your experiences it would much obliged. Thanks, Geoff
  13. Thank you so much for your response Gasto. I am sorry for the statement I made about wanting my hair loss to speed up. Obviously I don't want this to happen and I am sorry if I offended anyone. I was only expressing my frustration with the slow progression of loss. One day I would think my hair loss was slowing down and the next day it would speed up again. Stress would definitely be a factor then. My stress was the result of my father passing a year ago. Ever since I have been stressed out all the time. I do weight lift 3 times a week, however I thought that this increased testosterone production? I do have more updated photos with a better camera on another post. - http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/163511-should-i-start-propecia-pics-availible.html keep in mind my hair looks a lot thinner in the front. It looks stronger when I pull my hair back tight. I will take the to get some crown shots. Thanks again for your response. I am new to this world. it's nice to know people care. Cheers
  14. I've been paying a lot of attention to my crown. It is solid for now. I thought hairs lost by stress would regrow? The last two years have by far been the most stressful years of my life. Although I would like to not stress over my hairloss, it has become an obsession. I pull my hair back constantly to look for more loss. Thing that scares me is that it shows no sign of slowing down. It has been progressing at the same rate for the last two years. I feel like if I started Propecia and continued on Minoxidil, at least I would know I'm doing everything possible to slow it down. I hate being in this in between stage where I have to constantly asses whether or not it is a mature hairline or MPB. I almost want it to speed up so I can just confirm it is MPB, treat it, and move on with my life. My temples have been receding for awhile. My frontal hairline used to be solid about a month ago and is now thinning all the way across the hairline. I thought that a mature hairline only receded at the temples. What do you guys think? Thanks for all the responses. I am looking forward to your answers;)
  15. Thanks for the reply. That clears a lot of things up. I will most likely continue to wash daily.