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I have a Consultation with Dr. Hasson Tomorrow Afternoon

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Hello Everyone,


First-time noob poster here, but a LONG time lurker on this wonderful website. I really want to thank both Pat and Bill for creating such an open and honest forum about hairloss. This site has been an invaluable research tool for me. I really can't thank you enough.


I've been thinking about having a hair transplant for about 12 years now. That's right 12 years. I had a consultation with the Bosley office in Seattle at that time. I decided to skip the procedure (thank god) and try a new drug that I discovered after research on the Internet. The drug was called finasteride and it completely stopped my hair loss and even grew a lot of hairs on my crown.

As a result of this drug I was able to keep my head of hair which to this day is still actually quite substantial. For all of those of you who are still debating taking this drug I would highly recommend that you at least try it.


Even with a good head of hair, I still have a receding pattern on my forehead that I have never liked and I feel that hair transplant techonology has evolved enough for me to take the plunge. I was directed to Hasson and Wong's website and I was really impressed with both the results and the honesty of the photographs. After researching this an other hair loss websites I was blown away with the consistently good results of the clinic.

I started the process on an online consultation and I was put in contact with both Joe and Christina. Long story made short, I booked a consultation with Dr. Hasson tomorrow (8/6/09) and secured a procedure date of September 2, 2009.


I'm nervous but excited. I have been compiling a list of questions to ask Dr. Hasson (I'm about 4 pages right now). I have the good fortune of being less than day's driving from Vancouver and I'm looking forward to getting out of the house. It's been near 100 degrees here (Washington State) for over a week and the weather channel says that is will be in lower 70's in Vancouver. That sounds wonderful.

I will try to post photographs in the next couple of days. I will be asking the clinic to take before pictures tomorrow and I will post them if they do so. Blue wall here I come! I will also take notes tomorrow and post a summary of them for your review. If anyone wants me to ask a specific question let me know and I try to remember to ask it. I will also try to start a weblog soon to document my results.


BTW, does anyone know the wait time to cross the border into Canada? I will be taking I-5 to the border. I have never used my passport before if that makes a difference.


Best Regards!

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We look forward to having you here. The border wait times can be anywhere from five minutes to one hour. Coming up during the mid-week, in the middle of the day, it should be closer to five to ten minutes in my opinion.


See you soon!

The Truth is in The Results


Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Another well wish for good luck. Your in great hands as you already know, and you have played the patiency game and waited long enough! Enjoy all H&W can offer, which Im sure us a lot!!!

Patient Advisor for Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic 

ian@bhrclinic.com   -    BHR YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH4PY1OxoYFwSDKzAkZRww

I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

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I'm waiting on Doug to email me photos taken at the clinic so I can post them. I'll give you more details when I do.


BTW, I was a little disappointed to find out that the famous blue wall is actually a door. And it's not actually all blue just a stripe across the center. I was imaging a giant blue screen like you see on movie sets. icon_smile.gif

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Well I've created a website but I can't seem to hyperlink to it. The website itself seems operational if you can get to it.


I posted some pictures from my visit to Vancouver. I had Dr. Hasson draw a proposed hairline for me.


Vancouver is a beautiful city and I enjoyed the drive over. I tried as close as possible to have a trail run of the day of surgery. I slept in the same hotel that the clinic puts you up in for two days for the surgery. I wanted to scout the city and the clinic to remove as much stress as possible for my "big day."


I arrived at the clinic a little early and was able to have a chat with a nice Italian fellow in the waiting area that had just come out of a procedure with Dr. Wong. I believe he had somewhere around 2500 grafts. The recipient area looked very nice and clean. And it took me the better part of minute to find a half a staple poking out of his donor area. (His hair was probably buzzed to a 4.) He said that it was a repair procedure for work he had done in a previous clinic. He mentioned that he had come to H&W because they were the best in the world. I hope you are healing well my Italian friend.


I talked to Doug in his office first and he was able to answer a lot of my questions. Dr. Hasson came in a little while later and was gracious enough to draw a proposed hairline for me. I was worried that he would simply dictate to me how the hairline would be placed but he really did listen to me and we agreed together on what be appropriate. He stated that he wanted to a "one pass" dense-pack procedure. He told me that he would try to acheive about 80 hairs per sq cm in my recipient area. I loved that!


All in all, it was a very positive experience that has made me much less nervous and much more confident about having the procedure. I'm looking forward to having the procedure done in September.


To both Doug and Dr. Hasson, thank you for time and patience in answering all of my questions.

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I fixed your links and added them appropriately into your signature.


Vancouver really is a beautiful city isn't it? I'm not usually a city person, but I feel really comfortable there. You can check out my hair loss website for photos I took of Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Oh, and you'll find my hair restoration story too :-)


So you're having your procedure in September? Congratulations! You'll be in terrific hands.


All the Best,



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Thanks for the nice thoughts my friend. The more I look at the hairline the more excited I get. One thing I forgot to mention is how harsh the lighting is in that picture. I have a new found respect for all of the after pictures of H&W patients. If they look that good with that lighting I'm sure they look even better in person.


Hi Bill,


Thanks for helping me out with the link. Vancouver is a beautiful city. Especially, some of its (ahem) moving scenery. Seriously, there are some beautiful women up there. It's actually quite dangerous when you're trying to drive in a new city and being distracted at every corner by a girl in cutoff denim shorts. icon_wink.gif

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