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A question for the Doctors

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I was just wondering what the doctors recommend for those who have had a hair transplant, but then circumstances have lead to the inability of the patient to continue medication.

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What medication? There’s always alternatives. For example, topical finasteride as opposed to oral. 

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Topical dutasteride journey 

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As Melvin indicated, my question to you would be why is there an inability to continue with medication? Usually there would be alternatives that you could try which may have less side effect or perhaps a lower cost depending on what you are taking now.



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I had side effects from the oral Finasteride that hurt my libido, so I switched to topical Finasteride 1% mixed with Minoxidil 5% formula without side effects over 2 years, as a patient coordinator of a clinic I can tell it's very rare I hear about side effects complaints from candidates and our patients. 

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There are also scenarios where some people have procedures done, but aren't properly informed on medication use prior and may not start until post surgery only to find out they have side effects or they are one of the percentage of people it doesn't work for.

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