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  1. Some cases don't require pre microscopic exam, HDC is very conservative and careful when approaching a paitent, my case did demand microscopic exam, it varies between every paitent. I don't know why other clinics do their methods, when I did my research for repair I checked only MD clinics, contacted paitents, met them and decided HDC is the best option for what I am looking for without any compromise, unfortunately I also know high cost clinics with MD doctors that perform the surgical parts and don't use microscopes or even Lupa nor magnification glasses when punch, extract and making the incisions. Really glad you're happy with your result, can you share it with me? On thread? You can also send photos on private if you prefer.
  2. Every clinic has thier philosophy for best or correct result, it's also a matter of taste, for instance to get natural hairline it's not enough to have only single grafts, you'll also need to create it with zigzags, some top clinics prefer straight lines, some prefer conservative lines for paitents who don't need need to save grafts because they believe it's better, I made my choice to go with HDC also because I love the hairlines with personal adjustment. I also coordinate plastic surgeon doctor, so for that matter it's the same goes for rhinoplasty, the doctor is aiming for natural result appearance with personal adjustment, some clinics prefer and offer aggressive Pinocchio nose results, so in the end it's your personal taste involved here with which clinic you want to go with. Yes, HDC use microscopes to divide the grafts to groups, I posted on our Instagram page a video demonstration, also as I said earlier, this time I personally documented @Jackziv2nd procedure which you will see how the staff cleaned the grafts and divide them to single grafts under microscopes, I will edit then upload it.
  3. @_Hairman_HDC use single grafts for the 3cm hairline for natural result, therefore if you notice on my 1st experience with Dr. Maras threads, you can see our doctors doing punch with more density with single grafts which demands a lot of skill to achieve high density compare to double and triple grafts density, in some cases we may offer\consider to put some double grafts over the 3rd upper line cm for more "aggressive" hairline, but not the first 2cm, also not all single grafts are the same, some single grafts at the edge of the donor are thinner compare to other single grafts, the thinner single grafts will be transplanted first and gradually backwards with the thicker ones. 2nd reason HDC choose to do this, is to save double and triple grafts for the middle scalp and crown, especially for crown procedures that recommend to have double and triple grafts for high density. Unfortunately because I was botched in Turkey, many of my triple grafts were killed for nothing, I see some paitents that for a short period happy with exaggerated double & triples grafts hairline, then after while they realize it's not natural and the biggest problem is when they loose more natural hair at the middle and crown, they don't have enough double and triple grafts to have density proportions compare to the frontal area, I get many complaints about this with paitents that had a procedure by hair mills post 3-4 years result, a good clinic will always make a future strategy for the paitent in my opinion. HDC do have microscopic scanner for that matter, I myself was diagnosed few times when Dr. Maras wanted to see location and quality of my grafts. Here is video explanation of why we should save double and triple grafts
  4. @Melvin- Moderator thanks! First time I feel good with shaved head with full confidence 😎
  5. For those who want to read on my 1st experience with HDC and 1st clinic, please check these 2 threads:
  6. Hello everyone I posted yesterday my new thread about my 2nd HT experience I had with Dr. Maras at HDC clinic almost 2 weeks ago and I did a lot of documentation, on this photo I wanted to show how I looked after the punch procedure by Dr. Maras and by Arenamed hair mill (1st HT), to have multiple HT procedures the donor area must be preserved professionally without being overharvested. I am after my 3rd HT FUE procedure and I can have more procedures in the future, here you can read about my new experience
  7. Hi @Scotchthanks, that depends on my recovery, after a procedure some of the roots that were punched can survive and renew themselves to a complete healthy follicular with new hair growth, especially if it's done properly by professionals, at HDC clinic we usually estimate for the paitents that if they'll need another procedure the clinic will minimum 70% grafts that were taken from previous procedure. My case is different, my donor was good and healthy above the average with high amount,though my hair is thinner than the average, the clinic said if I would come to HDC on the first time, they could punch 4000+ grafts on the 1st session, so Dr. Maras and the team take conservative approach, I actually was surprised in the good way I hoped for 2000 grafts, but they punched 2500+ with much higher amount of double grafts that I thought I will have, it all depends on my recovery, I assume if I will have another session I could get around 2000 grafts, for my lower part of the crown I'll probably would need more 1000-1500 grafts, usually hair mills just throw big number, but in my case I wish 5k was a lie with the first hair mill in Turkey, take a look on my first experience threads and see how they brutally punched me. Punch heads and punch sizes are various for every paitent's type of hair and type of skin, it's individual, unlike hair mills that don't do this customization.
  8. Enjoy @Parasol, you look great, really glad we could make make you happy, always here for any need! I know the feeling of be 100% and not afraid from the wind anymore 😉
  9. No, I tried long ago on my 20's to use Finasteride Propecia pills and Minoxidil, the Minoxidil didn't had any effect and Propecia didn't stop any of my DHT, it's just caused me impotence (after stopping for 3 weeks it came back to normal), also I tried Minoxidil when I had my 1st procedure but again it didn't do any effect at all. However in a few weeks I want to try the liquid formula of HDC Finasteride combined with Minoxidil, already know paitents with good results without side effects.
  10. I am glad you also had a repair you happy with, it's very hard for botched paitents to regain trust in the HT industry or any aesthetic products, but it's possible to get revisions on many cases and people can have their life back with happy ending
  11. Thank you all for your kind words! I am really excited and looking forward to update more! @JC71 I am lucky my donor is above the average
  12. Hello everyone, I am Doron Harati international coordinator of HDC clinic in Cyprus Nicosia, I had last week my 2nd procedure by Dr. Maras and HDC medical team, total had 3 hair transplants. My first HT was in February 2018 by a clinic in Turkey Istanbul, I was botched badly with 5000 FUE grafts with no growth, awful painful experience (you can read on it on my previous threads). On July 2019 I had my 1st HT experience with Dr. Maras at HDC clinic, with 2556 FUE grafts for my frontal and hairline which I am very happy both with the result and corrective experience. On October 4th and 5th, I had my 2nd procedure with Dr. Maras, since my middle scalp started to get thinner we both agreed the procedure will focus on the middle scalp till backwards to the crown (which also failed in Turkey) as much as can be. Since I was overharvested with 5000 grafts by the first clinic my donor should be approach conservatively to preserve it so I can have more HT procedures in the future without scars. HDC offer 7 days treatment of 2 days of surgery and 4 more recovery days with the staff cleaning all the scabs in the free accommodations next to the clinic. The experience was great as the 1st time, all went smoothly, I had everything I needed in the clinic's accommodations, after 2 days of surgery, the staff washed my scabs two times in a day, also I took a lot of photos and videos documentation of how the clinic work, how they clean and divide the grafts gently under the microscopes and testimonial from another happy paitent @Jackziv whom also had his 2nd experience with Dr. Maras, this time for his middle scalp. I was surprised in the good way when my head got shaved by the density I had from my previous procedure, I actually feel good and comfortable to go out like that I will present my before and after, also want to emphasize that after the surgery I did massage my forehead as advised for less bloat appearance which you can see the effect, after 9 days I felt good and came back to job normally with very minimum redness, actually people said it's not that noticeable that I had a procedure, very happy with my recovery and will update my progression furthermore. The photos are shown with different lights for detailed cleared presentation. 2535 total grafts count: 1446 single grafts 57% 1010 double grafts 40% 79 triple grafts 3% For free consultation please PM or WhatsApp +972526542654 Join HDC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/326632715435825/?ref=share HDC on Instagram: https://instagram.com/doronhairadvisor_hdc?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. Looks very strong donor, I would estimate around 3000-3500 grafts for frontal only. At HDC clinic we can offer you Dr. Christina 2.0 Euros per graft, which includes our free accommodations next to the clinic for 7 days treatment: 2 days of surgery and 4 more days of washing all your scabs in our clinic, you need to make sure the middle scalp is thin for a procedure so it wont hurt your natural hair. We're also recommend in this forum. Our Instagram: https://instagram.com/doronhairadvisor_hdc?utm_medium=copy_link
  14. Please share pictures both of donor and hairloss.
  15. Hahaha you got no right to make excuses, you got head with full natural beatiful hair 😄 Yea many of my favorite 80s shred guitar heroes head crazy hair style such as: Yngwie Malmsteen, Riche Kotzen, George Lynch, Tony Macalpine, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, ect...
  16. I referred Mexican to Nadir D Priest, not to Maradona.
  17. Indeed! He is a Mexican. Some doctor once said to a friend of mine that some Latin men have double grafts at the hairline, very rare like Diego Maradona, I think he is also have that natural closed temples pattern. These guys won the jackpot on the day they were born.
  18. Perfect condition, he is a true Ninja Survivor
  19. It's you? It looks like promo photo of Journey 🤩
  20. Maybe they had special mix of DHT blocker😇
  21. For 29 years old your hairloss is very advanced, the donor looks good now from the back, but you estimation if you'll go through NW7, you'll definitely need 2-3 procedures year after year (9 months to be precise).
  22. Maybe we need to do the drugs they used to take 40 years ago 😝
  23. When I started to loose hair on my early 20's I was so jealous how most of the 80s rock never lost their hair especially when they used ton of spray to pump their hair like crazy! Take a look at Nadir D'priest from the band London, he used ton of spary and this year he turned 60, his hair is flawless!
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