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Greetings from Denmark. Anyone in here heard of a Dr. Merih, Istanbul.

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Hello everyone.
We have a couple of HT clinic with danish/turkish "salesman/spokesman" connected to the clinic.

The one im most interested in is called haareksperten 
They have good results and a great rep in denmark, but this is my first HT, so a little nervous.

They have a woman doctor who runs the clinic, a Dr. Merih.
Does anyone in here know anything about her or that clinic?

It all looks good, professional and results look great, but some more info is always appreciated :)

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If you are not 100% confident in the provider in Turkey, don't take a chance.  Medical tourism is incentivized by their government, so you can't trust clinic's advertising alone.  A lot of money can be put into a professional presentation, but with the end result of it being a hair mill with minimal participation by the doctor himself.  Your best bet is to go with a place with a track record of independent positive reviews and photo proof provided by patients.  It is too costly to get botched.

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There is guy from Sweden who documented his HT in a great way. 

It's 100% worth paying the couple of €'s (for sure less than a beer in Denmark) to access his patreon for 1 month to watch the whole behind the scenes series. Insightful and pretty god dam funny. I found it funny that he did a lot of stuff 'wrong' but still got a good result. 

Not one of the top clinics that is mentioned here, but would be an easy flight for you.

A summary is here: 
(edit - I see the video is removed? Must be a rule to prevent spam I guess. but to OP on YouTube look for Simon Nackborn.

edit 2 - Just saw 2 years after his video he now actually works for the clinic he got it at, as a patient advisor. 

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There’s a new doctor in Norway, Ive invited him to start posting. His name is Dr. Emil. 

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