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  1. Hey, im thinking about using Dr. cinik as well. Did you take one the more expensive packages, with him doing the channels, or did you go with the cheaper package with the tech's doing all the work? I guess with that result, that you took the expensive package
  2. Don't worry. Still in the research fase, so who knows. Maybe it a big payraise soon but seen some really good results from Dr cinik for alot under half the price of Erdogan. But of course if I had the money, I would choose the absolute best. All though, reviews and results from cinik looks amazing. Haven't found one single bad result from him, not yet
  3. Too bad that so many "forgets" to post updates on their HT's, when so many users/people are in the same position as them. Really curious how this HT turned out here a couple of months later
  4. 2,5 euro a graft, is almost same price as Erdogan in turkey. Got a price for 11000 euro from Erdogan for 4500graft, still too expensive unfortunately. For now anyway, havent really decided yet. Only in the research fase yet
  5. Yeah that can be. But still, I wouldn't be able to get it done for maybe 5-6 years with that price. But I am aware of the risk of course. I have been looking into Dr. Acar as well, but still researching though. Nothing is final yet
  6. Yeah I get that. But then I got prices around 2100-2600euros from Dr cinik in Turkey. And I think his results are really good. And that's a completely different pricerange compared to Erdogan, who wanted 12000euros for my hair.
  7. Thank you for the reply. Great to hear your review of cinik when thinking about going there to get HT. Really looking forward seeing your progress. What about safety in turkey/Istanbul right now? Remember a couple of years ago, when they advised western tourists not to go to Turkey. I'm not scared of that, but I'm bringing my girlfriend, and she gets easily scared of stuff like that. But okay, who can blame her, with the world today:D
  8. Was the extra 500euros and the extra 300euros for needless injections worth it? The extra 500euros for the exclusive package only contains 1 night extra at hotel and the first wash the day after, and then of course Cinik doing the channels. Im just wondering if that is worth it? Im not in a well paid job, so 500euros i actually alot of money for me The people i talked to from Dr. Cinik said that the result would be the same, with or without Cinik doing the channels. I guess the extra 500euros is to be sure its done right by him, of course. Thinking about going in the end of this year when the weather turns cold and dark in Denmark again, and i have the dark weather to hide my head the first couple of month. Would not really make alot of sense going in the middle of summer. And i have more time to save the money
  9. Thank you, i will check him out. Whats really bad? my hair, yes i know
  10. Thinking about going to Dr. Cinik aswell. Im 32 and started losing hair about 10 years ago and it bothers me everyday. Was looking for clinics in denmark where im from, but they are really expensive. So i startet looking in turkey, greece and belgium, and have seen great results from Dr. Cinik, and his prices are 1/3 of here in denmark. Did you pay the extra price for the exclusive package, so that Dr. Cinik performed the channel opening? I just got the estimated price from them, and there is 500euros difference if i want him to perfom the channel opening. They told me that it would make no difference whether he does it or his employees do it. Looking forward to following your progress.
  11. Yeah im looking into turkey now, cause of the lower prices. The clinic in Berlin gave me an offer for 4000grafts for 3200 euros. I know thats not expensive, but cant really find any information about that clinic, called novohair.de and are working together with a clinic her in denmark. It was the Danish clinic that referred me to novohair.de Now im thinking about turkey and looking into Dr. cinik's work
  12. Turkey and Greece is also fine. I just got a offer from a clinic in Berlin, they said 3500grafts and Erdogan said 4500grafts. Of course that's only through the pictures I sent them, so i guess it's not really accurate. Can't find any information on the clinic in Berlin though, other than the doctor is from Greece
  13. Hey. Im a 32 year old guy from Denmark. I have been suffering hairloss, high temples and thin hair for the last 10-13 years. Its been bugging me alot the last 5-6 years, but its so expensive here in Denmark, that i cant afford going for a HT here. I know that price affects quality, but its alot of money in denmark. So i have begun to look for HT in Turkey, Greece and all of europe. But its so difficult finding out information about whos the best at a reasonable price. I got a price from Erdogan in turkey, but that price was more than doubled the price of the Expensive price her in Denmark. So thats a no go, even though i know he is really good. He gave me a price on 4500grafts over 2 days. I hope you guys are willing to help me, in finding me some good places in europe with good prices. Maybe there is some other guys in here from Denmark, who is willing to help? There isnt that much talk about HT in denmark, and the ones who gets it done, is a little "hush hush" i think. As you can see in the pictures, its quite bad and awful.