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Dr. Munib Ahmad - 2260g - Hairline - FueGenix - The Netherlands

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Photos are taken by patient so apologies for the quality. Hopefully when we meet again I’ll take good photos. I am certain that on high quality photos the artistry comes more into its own. 

I perform the whole surgery myself. Shaving, punching, extracting, making sites and placing is all done by myself
My assistent sorts the grafts and helps me during placing. 

Also every contact made with my clinic is directly with me. I answer all the calls/emails personally. Aftercare is direct contact with me through WhatsApp. 

All surgerys start at 08.00 and finish around 15.00.

A total of only 2260 grafts were used. 







Result (9 months after):




Warmest regards,

Dr. Munib Ahmad. 

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Incredible work, very impressed 👏 

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