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1,621 grafts Dr Bisanga - 8th October 2020


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I'm a long term member although irregular poster on this forum.  I wanted to tell my HT journey. I had 1,621 grafts on 8th October 2020, so almost two years on.

I've been receding slowly for a number of years and fortunately my hair loss has not been aggressive but I wanted to treat the areas lost at my hairline and temples and to lower the front a bit.  I'd always wanted to have some work done but never really had the courage to go ahead with it, and had put off preliminary bookings I had made, mainly because I was paranoid my friends and colleagues would notice.  I finally decided to take the plunge in October 2020, partly due to the ongoing covid lockdown at the time as I knew that transport etc wouldn't be busy.  Additionally I'd gone to remote working in my job, so although I only took a week's leave for the surgery at the time, I knew I could work from home when I returned to work.
Prior to the surgery I had been liaising with Stephen from BHR to determine how many grafts I would need and geberally helping me prepare.  I don't recall precisely but I believe it was around 1500 - 2000. When I did arrive at the clinic, Dr Bisanga drew a hairline which I was happy with, this was quite conservative but I really disn't want to go too low due to the risk of future loss.
The day of the surgery was very easy overall.  I arrived at the clinic around 12pm; I had some phone problems booking a cab but I got in touch with Stephen who was great and help arrange a cab to pick me up.  Upon arrival, the staff were very friendly and welcoming, immediately putting me at ease.  The clinic was very clean and modern looking. 
From what I remember,  the surgery lasted around 6 hours with an hour for lunch in between.  Overall it was very confortable throughout; the only pain I felt was from the application of the anaesthetic which was quite painful.  Other han that the surgery was fine, I think I spent most of it sleeping or chatting with the doc and his staff.
After the surgery the clinic ordered me a taxi to take me back to my air bnb.  The evening was very relaxing and I spent it just reading and cooking myself a readymeal I'd bought that morning.  The following day I went back to the clinic for a review of the work and to receive my after care products and post surgery instructions.  From there I booked a taxi to take me back to Brussels Midi where I took the Eurostar back to London.
One of my biggest worries was travelling to and from the place in particularly returning however it was nowhere near as bad as I feared.  I think the staff at the |Eurostar are aware that men who are wearing bandanas are HT patients and know not to probe.  I'd say I was slightly nervous queueing up to go through but nobody said anything and in any case, I had a doctor's letter ready to show them if they did.   Fortunately because of lockdown the Eurostar and the tube in London were pretty empty  I live in London so took the tube home from Kings Cross.
Special mention to Stephen at BHR who was fantastic throughout, very prompt with responding to queries and providing helpful information.  Also a mention to Ian who I am now liaising with and providing updates.
Attached are photos at various  stages - pre op, immediately post op and at around 18 months.  Overall I am very happy with the result which I think is subtle but makes a difference - i'ts enough for me to style my hair up and wear forward if I want.  I didn't want it to be too dramatic as I didn't really want to risk people knowing.  I have actually toyed with the idea of adding a couple of hundred grafts to my left side but it's probably not needed at this stage.
If I have missed any important details please let me know and any questions, please ask.  Apologies in advance if I take a while to reply as I'm going to be on holiday on Wednesday, but I will try to check back periodically.
Also just a shout out here to the mods and everyone who has posted their results.  It's a fantastic resource where I gained lots of knowledge and information.
Many thanks!




















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Looks fantastic from the pictures buddy, pretty amazing that you can barely see any scalp while facing strong lighting!

How old are you? And are you on meds? With such a thick donor and relatively little loss, I think you can easily make the tweaks to the hairline if you wanted (although doesnt look needed!)

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thanks mate, appreciate your words.  

Mike / FC


I am 38. No thinning in the crown.   I’ve been on meds on and off since I was around 30, I take 1mg fin around 3 times a week, and apply minoxidil, though not very regularly.  I’m thinking of getting on oral minoxidil which I understand is more effective. 

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Thanks GB for the write up and for sharing your case. It looks excellent and the hair very illustrious, dark and shiny! Very happy for you. You don't need any more work but it the day comes that you do then we are here for you also. Thank you from Dr.B and all for sharing your journey! 

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I represent Dr. Bisanga.


Dr. Christian Bisanga is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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