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  1. I'm a bit confused. In the pre-op picture it looks as if you have a strong forelock. Yet in the post op pic it looks as though there was no hair in that area and your surgeon filled it in. Can you clarify?
  2. agree with all of this except the part about laser and PRP whose benefits are dubious at best and are both ridiculously expensive
  3. I’d be annoyed as well Payam. Clearly not enough of the grafts have grown (so far) and I think it’s very patronising for people to tell you your expectations were unrealistic. Looking at your immediate post op pics you would expect very good density from that. I would wait a couple of months more though before you assess the final result however. In the meantime I do think you should use toppik or some kind of concealer which will make the result appear thicker and more natural. I don’t se ewhy it’s such a chore as you only need to do it once in the morning. Also get on meds if you are not already. Your pre-op pics show you have good hair on the crown and meds should thicken that up, reducing the need for further work. good luck mate!
  4. If the wedding is a month before your appointment with Diep why can’t you attend the wedding?
  5. payam have you thought about adding concealer to make the result appear thicker? I know ideally you want the result to thicken up but in the meantime it might be an idea. Will make your hair appear thicker and fuller.
  6. Gonna look great when it matures but 3200 grafts seems quite a lot. I would have thought 2000 would have done the job. good luck
  7. Is that Morrissey ?😄 seriously though, definite improvement on the last photo assuming conditions are similar
  8. Great result Dr Lindsey. His hairline looks awesome. Is he on finasteride? I know you mentioned his crown had got a little thinner, and he appeared to be thinning on top in the before pics, so just wondering if he is on meds or whether he will have to address the crown at some point..
  9. Looks excellent mate. Great hairline
  10. Excellent result. One minor 'criticism' if you can call it that. Why not use more grafts? He's lost a lot of hair so appears there's no risk in doing that. I have seen results where 6,000 - 8,000 grafts were used on cases such as this which obviously allows for greater coverage. thanks
  11. I think you're entitled to be annoyed to be honest. It wasn't a large area you were covering. I have seen results of a similar number of grafts on similar size areas which look much denser.
  12. Epic result. It looks like natural density even though the lighting isn't the best. This guy is far further along than me in terms of hair loss and I'd love to have hair like his. I suspect his donor is a bit better than mine though. Just shows what can be achieved if you go to a top doctor.
  13. Good luck mate. Hope it goes well for you and keep us posted. Reddy's results look very good from what I have seen. P.S. I take it from your username you are a Spurs fan? Great result last night!
  14. garethbale

    My donor looks terrible

    That's good to hear. The clinic I am liaising with basically said I could grow the hair around the front long, they would shave into it and work in that area. I suspect my situation is quite similar to yours in that I should be able to comb some hair forward over the transplanted area. I may have to shave the donor beforehand so colleagues get used to seeing it short as I can't wear a hat at work. thank you
  15. garethbale

    My donor looks terrible

    Good to hear I'm thinking of getting my hairline done at the beginning of 2019. I need about 1500 grafts FUE to restore my hairline and temples. I'm not sure if you work in an office (as I do) but I was thinking I would take two weeks off for the procedure. Did you find work colleagues noticed you had anything done on your return to work? That's one thing I'm worried about, though I don't need to cover a large area thanks