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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. garethbale

    My donor looks terrible

    That's good to hear. The clinic I am liaising with basically said I could grow the hair around the front long, they would shave into it and work in that area. I suspect my situation is quite similar to yours in that I should be able to comb some hair forward over the transplanted area. I may have to shave the donor beforehand so colleagues get used to seeing it short as I can't wear a hat at work. thank you
  2. garethbale

    My donor looks terrible

    Good to hear I'm thinking of getting my hairline done at the beginning of 2019. I need about 1500 grafts FUE to restore my hairline and temples. I'm not sure if you work in an office (as I do) but I was thinking I would take two weeks off for the procedure. Did you find work colleagues noticed you had anything done on your return to work? That's one thing I'm worried about, though I don't need to cover a large area thanks
  3. garethbale

    My donor looks terrible

    And how was the result of your HT mate? Care to disclose the doctor...?
  4. I think the hairline could have been a little softer to be honest. It seems to stop very abruptly. Most people wouldn't notice though so if he's happy that's all that matters.
  5. 'promises to thicken' I think that should tell you all you need to know.
  6. A few more shots (particularly of the top) and possibly a video would be great. It does look an excellent result though.
  7. garethbale

    Simple Device to Regrow Hair

    yeah whatever mate... Admin can we take this nonsense off please?
  8. Lasers are totally useless. Waste of money. Avoid
  9. Amazing! How does his donor look so pristine post op? It looks better than the before pic
  10. You appear to have good characteristics so I would expect a great result. Are you on meds though? I ask because that number of grafts seems way too excessive for your level of loss. You need to think about maintaining what you have, having already used so many grafts. Good luck anyway, keep us posted.
  11. This is because Mathieu posted the same study on TBT forum and disappeared when people were requesting results. I suspect its nothing more than splitting of the donor hair, effectively creating two thinner hairs but not regenerating at all. Much like the procedure Dr Gho employs.
  12. Just seen this result. Very nice and natural. Is he on meds for his remaining hair?
  13. Excellent result for a modest number of grafts.