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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. Looks great work mate. Good luck with everything I have a similar level of loss to you and one of my worries is hiding a HT from colleagues when I return to work. However looking at your day 12 pics the work looks virtually undetectable, which gives me confidence that mine might as well.
  2. Bollocks to that Clearly a lot of transplanted hairs have shed. If that happened to me after a HT I'd be fuming
  3. Sorry but imo the hair line doesn’t look natural at all. You could spot that he had a transplant a mile off.
  4. Lenney Thank you very much for your detailed reply! My own situation is that I haven't lost that much hair - probably a NW 2.5 but I can comb my hair forward at the side somewhat and spike it up at the front to minimise the appearance of recession. The clinic I am in contact with believe that I would be able to comb hair forward over the area worked on somewhat to hide the work I wold have done. I don't think I could get more than two weeks off to get it done. In answer to your tips: 1. I am on generic fin and this has definitely helped in maintaining the crown and slowing the recession. My hair feels stronger since I started using it. 2. Financial cost is something I'm happy to bear. Its not idea as I have just commenced a mortgage but I can put aside some each month to pay for my HT. Awkward recovery period is the main issue. I have a bit of banter with workmates and work in a city office environment so I'm obviously nervous about people noticing. I'd probably just say I went away somewhere hot and had a reaction to sun cream or something - whether they believe me is another matter. 3. I think it would drastically help my confidence. Despite my moderate recession I do find it affects my confidence around women. I'd like to settle down quite soon so I feel this year is a good time - I am 34, 35 in the summer and first noticed recession around 15 years ago so am confident I will maintain most of my native hair. I have read on here the transformation guys feel when they have a successful HT and I'd like to experience that. Of course no surgery is a guarantee but I think I stand a good chance given my moderate loss. 4. I have thought long and hard about the pros and cons and ultimately a HT it is something I want to do. I was actually going to have one done last week but late last year a bought a flat and mortgage payments and furniture & bills etc, meant I had to delay the procedure for financial reasons. Thank you again for your help and I will be following your progress. Best of luck for a good result!
  5. Can I ask a question...did colleagues or friends ask about the redness? And if so what did you tell them? I’m thinking of undergoing surgery and have less loss than you but I’m really concerned about redness being apparent on my scalp afterwards.
  6. Your hair looks awesome mate. Don't do any further work on the hairline as it suits you. Hopefully finasteride stops or slows the crown loss and you should be ok for a long while
  7. Looks very good so far, Are you on meds to slow or prevent further loss?
  8. Congrats Luke Your result looks epIc mate! I'm hoping I will be able to style my hair like yours after any potential surgery. You were more receding than me prior to your HT but your hair looks much better now than mine!
  9. This! I hope Payam resolves this and I will check updates but I don't need to be emailed every time someone replies. I woke up this morning with about 20 email notifications for this thread. I don't even remember subscribing for notifications.
  10. I'm a bit confused. In the pre-op picture it looks as if you have a strong forelock. Yet in the post op pic it looks as though there was no hair in that area and your surgeon filled it in. Can you clarify?
  11. agree with all of this except the part about laser and PRP whose benefits are dubious at best and are both ridiculously expensive
  12. I’d be annoyed as well Payam. Clearly not enough of the grafts have grown (so far) and I think it’s very patronising for people to tell you your expectations were unrealistic. Looking at your immediate post op pics you would expect very good density from that. I would wait a couple of months more though before you assess the final result however. In the meantime I do think you should use toppik or some kind of concealer which will make the result appear thicker and more natural. I don’t se ewhy it’s such a chore as you only need to do it once in the morning. Also get on meds if you are not already. Your pre-op pics show you have good hair on the crown and meds should thicken that up, reducing the need for further work. good luck mate!