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Buy Loniten (oral minoxidil) UK


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37 minutes ago, thetdog666 said:

Im currently using loniten from pfizer. It looks like lonolox is made by pfizer as well? Any idea why they have 2 different names?

Just branding purposes; in Germany its called Lonolox while in Uk and some parts its called Loniten; no difference 

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On 6/15/2022 at 12:20 AM, SJPayne said:

does anyone know where I can purchase Loniten from , I am located in the UK I had a contact but they are not reolying after my first 6 months 

Hi ,

I am also based in the UK.

Where did you eventually get your Loniten from? I am also looking to start this.

Also, I know it is prescription based and my GP isnt really comfortable prescribing this. Any advice on this?

The links given above are all America based as far as I can see. Where as pill doctor are soo expensive!.



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