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  1. Yeah, maybe idk. If I had to get FUE tommorow, I would propably go with either Keser or Konior. They are the most impressive doctors with great work ethic.
  2. Dont forget Dr Keser. He has been doing top quality work longer than everbody else in Turkey. If the guy has minimal loss, Keser should be one of the top choices.
  3. Dr Bicer is definitely good enough to be recommended here, but that raises the question why HLC, Pekiner and especially dr Keser are not. Could someone please, enlighten me what does she have, that they don't?
  4. Hey, I just wanted to ask you guys what you think about my donor area. Is looks pretty thin to me. Would I be suitable for surgery in the future?
  5. Great result. I still don't understand why people here dislike Asmed so much. They are IMO one of the best large case clinics around the world, while also being the most affordable.
  6. I think that Kevin Mann mixes Ru58841, Stemoxydine and Alfatradiol together.
  7. Looks great, dr Diep results are always top level. 21k is a little pricy tho, its like average yearly income in my country times two 🙃
  8. Our world today has gone mad. Turkey has very quality clinics for good value. Most people cant afford housing, essential drugs and surgery for their QOL improvement, and people on this forum are still acting like "money shouldnt matter". What a joke.
  9. It will look absolutely normal. Its normal "matured" hairline of a lucky guy. Nothing unrealistic about it. It will look great both at 26 and 78. He said that he is using meds, so the chance of him being more than NW4 in his lifetime is low.
  10. He didnt answer the question lmao. What is the maximum hair density in Hair Transplant?
  11. What? That looks like normal hairline. Its matured, looks manly, has proportional height, frames his face well and has nice NW1.5 recession. HT is a cosmetic surgery that can improve your live. Would you say that someone that is in great shape, trains 4 times a week should become an overweight ugly dude, so he can look like everybody else, and fit in?
  12. Too much for the demand. I dont know why it is so expensive.
  13. If you want to lower it by 1 cm it will be 1000 grafts because: Temple to temple is usually 20cm, so 20 cm × 1 cm of height × average of 50 FUs per sq cm = 1000. Take a tape, measure your head and multiply by grafts you want in that area.
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