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  1. Just 2 should be enough with good doctor. McGrath is not exactly the most elite and not really known for achieving great density. The guy in the video would have more dense hairline in one go with Dr Hasson.
  2. Why would surgeon have a problem with that? The actual issue is, you couldnt use it for hairline, its too thick.
  3. Dutasteride is the usual progression from finasteride. If you want to go even harder than that, you could try anti-androgens, Spironolactone, Cyproterone Acetate and Bicalutamide are the most common. CPA causes least estrogenic side effects. Im planning to get on bicalutamide later this year myself. IMO the best thing people here can hope for the future, are topicals that either bind to receptor to destroy it, or things that can grow hair even better than Minoxiddil like KY19382. This forum is more transplant related tho, so you should go to HLT, people there are more interested in treating hairloss with pharmaceuticals.
  4. Wait, some people actually believe that topicals dont go systemic? kek
  5. Your hair looks terrible. Bottom 5% for your age. Start with dutasteride, it works way better for diffusers. I wouldn't go to Konior with that type of hairloss. I think you should fly abroad to Spain, Portugal or Belgium. You will safe 75% of your money. If you want to stay in NA go with Dr Bloxham or Dr Wong.
  6. Great result. Sorry Im asking it here, but what is dr Bisanga pricing for Greece vs Belgium. From my understanding its both 4€ per graft, but in Belgium theres also tax, so Greece is actually cheaper for the same quality of work?
  7. high graft number for nw3 + techs doing most of the work + great result tells me your surgeon was dr Hasson. Your donor looks decent, just keep it 3mm longer.
  8. That hairline is just so beautiful. Hattingen is top clinic not only for large cases, but also for soft hairlines.
  9. Thats how it looks when you densepack first and then come back for even more refinement. Result like that cant be achieved with one hair transplant, and even if you have two, you still have to choose a very highly skilled surgeon.
  10. Looking at MAJORITY of people that get HT, Id say that not getting butchered is pretty good. The most immportant things a good surgeon can offer are: - donor preservation - well designed hairline - natural hair angulation - lack of scarring in recipient area All of the above puts you already in top 70% of patients, doesnt matter how many hair actually grows.
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