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Incredible story of hair transplant with Dr Suneet Soni

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After reading the review of Mr Gyanendra  

Although the research took a longer time but all’s well that ends well. Like I was being helped with the above mentioned review, I would share my experience too with the readers so that it would help someone like me.

I would surely try to make my story interesting and short.

I am Jay, age 34 years old from the city, Indore. I am working in a client facing so maintaining good looks is part and parcel of my self-confidence. My hair loss journey was disappointing just like others. Earlier I neglected the hair loss like everyone and realized it when the hair loss was frankly visible on my head. I tried every treatment possible to cure the hair loss but it didn’t stop. So I could see hair transplant as the last option.

I looked for options in Indore itself but I couldn’t find anything whom I can trust blindly. For me, finding Medispa was a serendipity. I was going through this hair restoration network site where I came across a review of Mr Gyanendra from Dubai.  Believe me his hair transformation would inspire everyone who is looking for a perfect clinic for hair transplant.

When I explored further about medispa, it was impressive to see such positive reviews about this clinic. Earlier I was worried about the cost, but later I realized that the cost and quality they are offering is unsurpassable. I booked an online consult with them at their website . The online consult was informative as they discussed all of my issues, cleared my doubts, assess the situation of hair loss by some profile photos shared by me. The good news was that hair transplant was possible in my case. I booked my flight tickets and flew to Jaipur for hair transplant or fulfilling my dream.

I was picked from the airport and was dropped at the guest house in the clinic itself. They have such grand infrastructure and comforting guest house with all the amenities. Everything necessary was provided there itself which meant a lot in COVID times. I was dead tired so I crashed in my comfy guest house’s room bed.

On day before surgery, I was booked for an appointment with the counsellor. My blood was collected for the assessment of my general health. Then I consulted Dr Suneet Soni for the examination of the situation of my hair loss and discussion of other necessary details. I was confirmed that I had Grade VI hair loss and might need around 5000 hair grafts. Combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT was advised to me. They took an ECG record to check my general health. I was advised few things like I was asked to bring a buttoned shirt to wear for the procedure day. A betadine scrub was give and they asked me to wash the head on the night before the hair transplant.

Day of surgery:


On the day of surgery

6 AM to 8 AM: I got a call from the team to get ready by 6 AM. At 6 AM the local anaesthesia was given. First and foremost, Dr Suneet drew a tentative hairline marking with a marker as per my face and my personal choice. The slitting procedure was started at around 6:30 AM by Dr Suneet. Isn’t it hard to see such punctuality.  I already had got injected with local anaesthesia before so they didn’t get the patch test for checking allergy from patch test. By 7:30 AM, Dr Suneet did the strip extraction which was sent to the lab.

8 A.M to 12A.M: Now the tea break. I was invited for the breakfast which I really needed as I was famishing. It was a 10 -15 min break. Until then the team of the technicians were ready with the separated hair roots. I personally got a chance to see their lab where the separation of hair roots was going on. Around 15 technicians were there to divide the hair grafts and they looked pretty experienced which I can say with their speed of work. At 8:30 AM, another team started with the implantation process which went till 12 noon. Around 3000 hair grafts were planted that were taken out from the strip.

12 A.M to 4 P.M: Lunch was served which was delicious. After half an hour, Dr SuneetSoni started with the slitting again for planting the rest of the hair grafts. The FUE extraction was performed at around 2:00 PM followed by the plantation of the hair roots extracted. Believe me I was sleepy until then. Actually I took quick naps while the procedure was on.

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM: At around 4:30 PM they started with the beard extraction to perform BHT. They extracted around 500 hair grafts using this method. Then the hair roots were implanted which went till 5:30 PM approximately. During the time I also received a sitting of PRP injection for the faster hair growth.

Once the procedure was done, I was prepared for the discharge. I was given set of few things and a list of instructions to follow for first few days. The essential things included shampoo, lotions, head band, saline spray etc. Overall my experience was great with medispa.


I was damn happy and excited after the procedure but tired too. It was a big day so I slept like a baby.

On the day after the surgery: I crashed on my bed. But more importantly I first arranged my bed as per the instructions given by the team. I kept few pillows and protected to the affected area.



Day 1:  I had an appointment for the professional head wash. After the meeting I flew back to my city happily with a mesmerizing experience.

Week 1: There was swelling at the forehead for which I was advised to sleep over 2 -3 pillows. I slept on my stomach for at least 3 – 4 days. It was distressing but I wanted to be cautious so I managed somehow. Other than that there was some itching. I just wanted to do a lot of scratching but I couldn’t as I didn’t want to harm little buds planted on my head. I distracted myself and washed regularly my scalp with the prescribed lotion.


 Day 8: Washing my head regularly helped me removing the scabs or flakes from that area.in 8 days I could see the healed area with no symptoms.


 First 8 days after surgery: It has been 8 days after my hair transplant and I feel so positive. Obviously I am waiting for the response of my planted hairs. But I am confident that the results are going to be overwhelming. Will updates more soon.  



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Thanks for sharing your review with us, look forward to seeing your progress 👏 

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On 11/3/2021 at 5:40 PM, Vishalhappyguy said:

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM: At around 4:30 PM they started with the beard extraction to perform BHT. They extracted around 500 hair grafts using this method. Then the hair roots were implanted which went till 5:30 PM approximately. During the time I also received a sitting of PRP injection for the faster hair growth.


25 minutes ago, Gatsby said:

How many body hair grafts did you have (were they beard grafts)? Also do you dye your hair? Your coverage looks excellent! My beard is grey and will be used in an upcoming procedure. Thanks for sharing!


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