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2000 Graft FUE with Dr Reddy 09/2021


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Hi All,

I have just undergone my first hair transplant procedure and will be documenting the progress on here and would be good to get some feedback.



About myself, I am just turning 27 years old. Have been dealing with some kind of hairloss since around 18, when I started noticing thinning on the temples. I took saw palmetto and primrose oil for a couple of years. Before starting taking finasteride just before turning 21. This definitely slowed my hairloss dramatically, but still some slight recession over the years. i think if i was taking no medication it would be extremely aggressive hairloss as all male relatives were bald at an early age.

I decided to go with Dr Reddy at Harley Street in the end for a few reasons. Last year I was looking at Dr Konior but due to living in the UK and covid situation it wasn't very feasible. Through researching Europe based Dr's I really liked Dr Reddy's work and in particular his hairline design with generally conservative number of grafts.

I had an initial consultation back in June, and one thing I liked in particular was the fact he was not pushy or trying to sell me it at all. Just giving me the information to questions I was asking. I decided to go with a 2 day 2000 graft operation to get maximum accuracy and finesse with the hairline as possible as the rest of my hair is pretty stable.


The Day of the Operation:

I was pretty nervous the week leading up the operation as it is a big deal to me and something I have been thinking about for a while as an option, so in a way actually having it happen was scary as I would be finding out how it would look one way or the other.

I stayed in a hotel nearby so had some breakfast and walked over in the morning. Dr Reddy works in his own clinic now so it was just myself, Dr Reddy, the technician Bev and Dr Reddy's assistant Alda so you feel very comfortable and private. 

I would like to thank Bev in particular as she was with me basically the whole of the 2 days and was very friendly and reassuring about everything which helped put my mind at ease.

I started with having the back and sides of my head shaved as I went with the option of keeping long on top as I have a lot of meetings for work. I am taking a couple of weeks off so it should look back to normalish by that point and no-one any the wiser as I wear my hair down.

The first day the extractions were all done from the back of the head, Dr Reddy does all the extractions himself and then Bev takes the follices out. Due to the speed of healing and bleeding this was done in 3 sessions of punching and then extracting. Which minimised the time between the punch and actually being pulled out.

After this I had some lunch provided by the clinic and then the hairline was drawn on, I have attached a picture of what was agreed at the initial consultation and will include more when I get them from the clinic. My main goals were not to drastically lower the hairline or square it, but to fix the temples and solidify across to better frame the face and give me the option of having my hair pushed back.


Dr Reddy then implanted all the grafts himself, focusing mainly on the first day of filling in the density as well as singles for the hairline. Initially this was quite pain-free, besides the anaesthetic injections. However as the time went on these got more painful. The Dr said I metabolised it very fast and there was a limit on how much could keep being put in.


I then went home and slept not too great but managed to stay on my back most of the night, some light swelling in the mroning and pain which was helped by pushing the liquid down the side of my face. The second day was pretty similar to the first, except the grafts were taken from the sides of my head and Dr Reddy filled in the gaps and finished off the hairline from the first day.

I managed to sleep a bit better that evening I think as I knew it was finally over. I have been spraying every half hour with a solution provided by the clinic and will do this for the first 3 days.


Pictures attached:

A photo from when I was 19 and starting Saw palmetto, you can see how clearly the receding already started, although I think propecia has slowed it down


A photo from last year which I sent to Dr Konior where you can see how the hairline is weak and what I wanted


A photo after my consultation with the Dr where we designed an example hairline. I will get a better one from the clinic for this


A photo of how I normally wear my hair to hide it, i have very curly hair so wearing it down disguises it. Apart from the dreaded gust of wind or pool! Which meant I wore a cap a lot


And then 2 photos taken by Dr Reddy after the surgery of the donor and the hairline.



Long post so thank you for reading this far!


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Day 2 after Procedure

Photos from the morning on day 2 afterwards, have not really had any pain since the op. Has been some slight itchiness but the spraying every 30 minutes and keeping head back as much as possible helps. 



One thing is that the recipient zone seems a lot less "white bulbs" than other procedures I have seen. Is this normal/a sign that it already healing?


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Day 4 Update

Have finally been able to shower since the operation, Dr advised to use baby shampoo and let it soak into the scabs for a while. I might have been too gentle with the rubbing as still quite dry skin and scabs. But don't want to dislodge or try and remove too early. 

The donor area seems to be healing nicely. I could style my hair down now and wouldn't be able to tell I have had anything done besides the dodgy haircut



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Looks impeccable you’re healing like wolverine 

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Day 7 Update

Some photos from day 7, still showering and massaging each day. Only few scabs left and still a bit pink. The back seems to be unnoticeable pretty much now



How do people think it's looking now you can see most of the placement of hairs?

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1 Month Update

Been a pretty easy first month, was looking good around the 3 week mark but the shed is definitely starting to happen. More at the front than the temples so far, but guessing it will all equal out soon.

The back is looking pretty normal, some people I've met have no idea i have done anything, one of the benefits of non-shaven and reason I chose it


What do you guys think?

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On 10/14/2021 at 1:10 PM, Jamie83 said:

Looking good how’s it coming along now. 
I just booked in with him.  Would you recommend?

Yeah I would, was very smooth process and the Dr puts all his focus on you. Also I healed very quickly and easily it seemed. By 1 week was almost hard to tell with no real scabbing

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