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  1. I hear ya Melvin, and your advice is sound. I'm looking for a balance. I come from a part of the world where my country's dollar doesn't go as far as the US dollar or Euro and so cost unfortunately matters.
  2. This is all very helpful, so HLC is a good option??? I always said I wouldn't cut corners and compromise quality for price but unfortunately price is a factor. I always thought I'd go with ASMED for a second procedure but donor conservation is important to me and it doesn't seem to be the "home run" it used to be. I'm very interested in a procedure with Dr Bisanga but I'd like to keep my options open. If I can get more for less, why not? Is HLC considered a good option? Any disasters I should be concerned about? I've been impressed with what I've seen online and although I haven't read anywhere near the amount of positive reviews I read about ASMED in its heyday, those I've read have been positive. I know that no doctors have perfect records, but it seems to me that by choosing a high level, well known and (unfortunately) expensive doctor you are tipping the odds in your favor...would HLC fit into the high level catagory? Any thoughts on HLC?
  3. Thanks Rolandas! Your progress looks awesome by the way. Your result will be a life changer!!
  4. I hear ya Rolandas, thank you. I’m taking everyone’s advice, conserving grafts and focusing on addressing my crown and the area behind the hairline. I’d like to get this done and just move on with my life and I’m wondering, from a preventative perspective, can docs place grafts between hairs to reinforce an area or do they prefer to wait until balding/recession is significant? The area behind my hairline has hair, but it isn’t as think at the mid scalp. Would a doc go in between my hair to reinforce?
  5. Thanks for these replies. They’re really helpful. My mid scalp is okay but the area behind my hairline and the crown could use work. I’ll upload some pics tonight, but generally speaking what is a normal number for that patch behind the hairline? My head is small to medium size? Can docs implant between existing hairs or do they just plant wherever if the exisiting hairs are miniaturising?
  6. Hello everyone, After a successful procedure in 2017 to fix my hairline I have decided to address the rest of my head. I’m interested to know what the current thinking is? I know it comes down to personal preference, but I’d like to know what the experts recommend to be the best approach to maximising “bang for your buck” given that the donor supply is limited. I’m guessing I’ve got maybe 4000 to 5000 left. Maybe less, I don’t really know. I’d always wanted to be able to slick my hair back Donald Draper style but even after my HT I still feel my hairline is too high. One side is noticeably weaker than the other and so my style strategy covers my right side. So I’ve decided to go for round two but now I’m thinking it might not be the wisest move. So my questions are: What is the current thinking with regards to hair restoration? Do I load up the front because it is frames the face or do I start looking at filling in the area behind the hairline and my crown? You can see from my recovery pic that the area behind my hairline is sparse. My mid scalp is pretty good but my crown is thinning. Should I throw a few hundred at the weak side of the hairline and then hit the area behind? Or YOLO and go for a lower total hairline? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Melvin, can you tell me anything about BHR Athens? Is it possible to have work done by Dr Bisanga there, and is it cheaper than in Belgium? I could be completely wrong but I stumbled upon a thread that mentioned 2.5 euros per graft?
  8. I’m sold on Dr Bisanga!! I don’t think I have huge donor numbers in the bank and so someone that will manage my available and also gives me piece of mind with their good track record would be great. I’ll see what he says. I’m guessing the right doc can give me what I’m hoping for with about 1500.
  9. Okay, I’ll make contact with Dr Bisanga’s team and see how things go. Possibly I can go with slightly lower grafts and it can still be within my price range. I’m still waiting to hear from Dr Feriduni and it’s been a while. Just so I’m clear, is Dr Pekiner with HLC?
  10. Thanks Melvin. I really appreciate it. Price isn’t a total governing factor, but it still is a factor unfortunately. I feel like the docs I mentioned are all pretty good and within a price range I can currently manage. Any thoughts about the Turkish docs?
  11. Hi all, I’m interested in getting some work done on my hairline and possibly the area behind my hairline and I’m hoping some of the veterans out there can help me choose a doc? I had approx 2000 FUE grafts to my hairline performed by a doc in the US a few years ago but I’m now looking for someone in Turkey or Belgium. Around 3 to 3.5 Euro’s per graft is about the cost I can handle. My hairline is a significant improvement, and it really did change my life, but one side is a little weak and it’s a bit high on my forehead. I’m looking for between 1700 and 2000 grafts to bring it down. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 docs/clinics. HLC in Turkey, Dr Keser in Turkey or Dr Lupanzula in Belgium. Any thoughts or red flags with any of these? Any advice or other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks very much all! I emailed just now and so I’ll see how it goes.
  13. Hello all, This thread is very helpful and informative. I’d like to get in contact with Dr Keser’s team but his website doesn’t work for me for some reason. I’m based in Australia and I’m not sure what the issue is. Can someone please share the best email address for Dr Keser? For a quote and consideration for surgery can I send pics to an email address or does everything need to be done through his website? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Okay, that all makes sense. Thanks very much for responding to my questions. I really appreciate it.
  15. Thanks man! I won't touch it again. I looked at a scab/hair and it looked like it had some skin around it and so I thought it might be a graft.....I will be completely hands off other than washing from this point forward. I'm worried what came out today were grafts? No blood or hole though, but a few scabs with hair attached... But...you think the grafts are pretty much settled by day 5??
  16. So this is where I am at the moment. My recipient area is flaking when it is dry and so I have been lightly rubbing my fingers over this area and the flakes have been falling off. Should I be doing this? or should I keep my fingers out of it???? I noticed a hair within a scab...or a few within a few flakes and so I'm worried I'm messing things up?
  17. Thanks for responding mate. I was starting to panic a bit. I've been doing a little research and it seems like it happens a bit. Thanks again for responding
  18. Hi everyone, I'm six days post surgery and yesterday I noticed a line in my recipient area developing. The line has gotten stronger today and it appears as though others are developing. I can't really see any grafts within the line and so I'm wondering id this is normal or if something has happened? I have been very careful not to bump or disrupt my recipient area. Anyone seen this kind of thing before? I should say that my forehead does feel quite tight.
  19. Thanks HairsGone. These next few months are gonna be tough. Especially if there isn't too much growth initially.
  20. Thanks man, Dr Diep said he packed it as densely as he could. I've been taking Finasteride 3 times a week for the last six months but since the surgery I have started taking it daily. Doc said I should take it daily for the next year and after the hairs have matured I can make decisions beyond that. I'll start minox again in a couple of weeks.