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3087 FUE grafts- Dr. Taleb Barghouthi @ Vertex Hair Clinic

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Dear community,

This is a 27 year old gentleman who had an FUE procedure done in February 2021 . He is a NW 4/5 pattern with a family history of the same. His donor area is  good with a good hair calibre.  We did around 3087 grafts for both the frontal and midscalp zones to add definition and density. The hairline was redesigned to match his original one.  A planned second stage for the crown is planned for the future provided his frontal and MS regions require no further intervention. 

 Photos were taken  at around 6 months from surgery. Patient placed on finasteride 1 mg on alternate days. 

Surgical details:

FUE 0.8 mm punch

Hairline 545 refined single hairs of which 425 were used in the hairline transition zone. 

2542 multiple grafts

Average of 2.4 hairs/graft. 

Sites made using 0.8 mm and 1.4 mm Sapphire blades. 


Surgical photos: (6months from surgery )










Immediately after: 




Day 10 



6  months after








Combed back :





Will keep updating as we follow up with him regularly. 


Have a nice day. 

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Patient Adviser to Dr. Taleb Barghouthi - approved and recommended on the Hair Transplant Network. You can schedule a virtual consultation with us here  or via WhatsApp at +962778837839 (Jordan) or +962798378396 (Jordan). 

Social media Instagram & Facebook : vertexhair



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Very natural 👏🏼 great job

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Thank you all for your positive remarks. He is certainly happy. Ofcourse I anticipate more growth and maturity for another while. I often see a change in character and demeanour following HT which is always good to see. His hair is not too thin but generally fine and not too wavy.  

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Dr. Taleb Barghouthi approved and recommended on the Hair Transplant Network. You can schedule a virtual consultation with me here.

Contact me via WhatsApp at +962798378396 (Jordan) 

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