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Topical vs Oral Fin, and the Best place to get Topical Fin in the UK?

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Hey there,

Was just wondering where can you get Topical Fin that is reliable, reputable and safe in the UK? I hear Manual.co keep coming up, but not sure if that is the right place due to somewhat mixed reviews?

Also, how do the % to MG's work, I would ideally want to start with 0.50 mg to 1mg max.

If anyone has any good info on Topical Fin vs Oral, that I can read or any facts to share, I would highly appreciate it.

EDIT:  I did buy Essengen-F from MinxodilMax, however, I see it is 2%, how do I apply 1mg of this as there is instructions.  This is all so confusing.

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Why do you not want to take oral? If it is to reduce systemic absorption, there is no guarantee. There are a few studies where less systemic absorption was observed in topical but their formulation is unknown and it's not known what it's sold in the market as. Then there are a few studies where it was proven that systemic absorption is the same in topical as oral.

So don't believe anyone's recommendation unless you see some studies. Unless you are willing to do some experimentation and possibly even blood work to check your DHT levels before and after.

Checkout Melvin's recent video on topical Finasteride and Dutasteride. There is some hope but there is no known formulation today that is proven to work without side effects today.

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Dr. Reddy offers topical finasteride 

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Check out my final hair transplant and topical dutasteride journey

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Topical dutasteride journey 

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Ah man, 

I ordered topical fin and min from Getfreshman, but im just too nervous.  I think im a lost cause.  Reading the Fin reports and affects, its just terrifying man.  Memory loss, ball aches, depression, insomnia, mood changes, like genuinely, I dont know if its worth it, for real.


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1 hour ago, Newyear newhair said:

It’s like not crossing the road in case you get ran over... you can’t live life worrying about what might happen.

You can only try it then reduce or stop if needed.

Yes, but its the 'damaged hormones', and not returning back to normal after, that scares me.  I would try it if everything returned to normal after guarenteed, but that doesn't seem the case, which is why its hard to justify it as regret can be there.

People personally reached out to me on reddit begging me not to take it.

It hit home, telling me there story.

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44 minutes ago, Homeerestre said:

Yeah, I know, but without trying it there can be no results. Again, it's on your discretion to use it. 

Thanks, I just booked a consultation/call back with Dr. Reddy, any feedback on why he is so recommended?

Also, the reason why I am terrified is the below.  

The amount of people who tell me, Fin is like playing russian roulette with your life, I cannot explain to you how often I have seen this, it's actually terrifying.  I even got added to a PFS group on Whatsapp and Reddit, and the articles and the information seems promising/legit as to what they sent me.

They sent me following to read:  



- "Additionally, the drug causes the body to go into a hyper-methylation state which causes alterations on gene expression of receptors and enzyme production. Otherwise known as DNA damage." - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6652249/

-  5ar is responsible for more than just T to DHT conversion. It also converts progesterone into what's called Allopregnanolone and cortisone into what's called 5a-THDOC. Both are positive modulators to the GABA receptors, exactly like Xanax is. They also decrease neuroinflammation and antagonize NDMA receptors that decreases psychotic symptoms like schizophrenia and depression. Further, they just recently found that Finasteride blocks Norepinephrine's conversion to Epinephrine (Adrenaline) by binding to the PNMT protein unintentionally.

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