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  1. Interesting. Somehow I thought he would charge twice of that especially to utilise body hair. He gives these "celebrities' and millionaires' surgeon" vibes to me
  2. Any idea how much Dr Umar charges? I get the feeling he might be very expensive especially for utilising body hair.
  3. I have been searching for videos of people shaving their beards after a beard transplant but I have had no luck. I am particularly interested in seeing how it looks in the RECIPIENT area on the face. Does anyone know of such videos?
  4. These webpages say tricopigmentation is not suitable for laser removal. The sources are not exactly medical journals (in fact they are competitors to trico) but I couldn't find the opposite being stated anywhere else https://scalpmicrousa.com/scalp-micropigmentation-and-tricopigmentation/ "Tricopigmentation does offer some significant disadvantages. While laser can be used to remove or fix a bad SMP job, the pigment used for tricopigmentation makes it impossible to remove until they allow the tricopigmentation treatment to naturally fade away." https://yourhairdoc.com/scalp-micropigmentation-vs-tricopigmentation/ "Removal of STP pigments can be more problematic than removing SMP pigments. STP inks cannot usually be removed with a laser, as they can get very hot and can burn the skin." Is this true?
  5. Thanks @hairthere Yes a video series explains and shows the fading process to greater extent than the current one you have would be great.
  6. Even if trico were to fade eventually, the manner in which it fades could turn out to be a problem. If there are patches which take longer to go away than the rest, then it would look very unnatural during that period. I was looking into whether this procedure would require FDA approval in the United States, but it turns out that it's left to the states. If anyone has information about whether this ink has a EMA / FDA like certificate please share. This is used both in the EU and the US, so it must have gone through some stringent approval process.
  7. Great work! Probably the best in the business. Do you have some statistics of % of clients who come back for a fill-up session vs those that do only one? Would also love to see pictures of the pigments fading away in action.
  8. If by tattoo you mean permanent tattoo, you should know that there is something called tricopigmentation which is temporary. I am not vouching for it (I have my own doubts about whether it truly fades away), but you are free to research it if you like.
  9. Melvin (moderator here) did his transplant without taking Finasteride. I think you're much better than he was. But really, what matters is whether you will eventually reach NW 7 and above and how good your donor hair is and will be. Some surgeons utilise body and beard hair too. From what little you've posted, I think you will be able to do fine with hair transplants.
  10. Here are studies Melvin linked on his blogpost https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6609098/ https://www.fertstert.org/article/S0015-0282(00)00600-2/fulltext#:~:text=Our study suggests that topical,DHT levels over 6 months. It does not go as much systemic according to them. Are you aware of studies that indicate the opposite?
  11. Oh you're right: https://www.eugenix.in/blog/product/finasteride-gel-2-50/ The description is poorly written and even wrong in places I think, but anyway Eugenix endorsing this is good.
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