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2167 Grafts (1947 FUE & 220 BHT) + PRP | Dr. Pekiner | 7/28/21

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I just completed 3 days with Dr. Kaan Pekiner in Ankara, Turkey. I won’t go into too much detail because others have already written about their experience in detail.

Overall: Skilled doctor, excellent staff, and great experience all around.


I have had a previous operation with Dr. Sara Wasserbauer in California in 2015 for about 1850 grafts (FUE) to my hairline. I believe I lost a decent amount of native hair since that operation and wanted to add approximately 1500 more grafts to the hairline, and 2000 grafts to the crown (1000 would come from beard) with Dr. Pekiner. 

2015 Before/After 1 Year: https://imgur.com/a/sxqitNl


Upon visual inspection from Dr. Pekiner, he believed that my donor area could potentially over-harvested if he went over 2000 grafts from the scalp. After charting my hairline, he came up with it needing around 1400 grafts, with the rest focused on the crown. After inspecting my beard, he had concerns with most of the hairs being  red and the others black, while my scalp hair is light brown. Pekiner originally wanted to not use any beard hair but after some discussion, we decided on a small amount of black hairs could blend in help with some crown density. 


We then completed a conservative FUE transplant with the following:


-1947 Scalp Grafts (0.7-0.9mm punch)

-220 Beard Grafts (0.6mm punch)  


Graft Single: 166 (166)

Double: 565 (1130)

Triples: 1021 (3063)

Multiple: 195 (780)

Beard: 220 (230) 


Total Hair: 5369

Total Hair Graft: 2167 (1350 went to hairline, 817 to crown)

Hair per graft on average: ~2.48


At the end of surgery, I also elected to have PRP for an additional 300 Euros. Dr. Pekiner did not pressure at all and stated it is completely up to me, and has noticed some benefits such as redness healing quickly for implanted grafts. I do not plan to continue this when traveling back home as the cost is too high in the U.S. for the benefits in my opinion.



-Finasteride 1mg

-Began Oral Minoxidil 2.5mg about 5 weeks ago (I used topical for years but never saw noticeable benefit, stopped taking oral minoxidil 1 week before surgery, will start again today)

-Ketonconazole Shampoo 0.9% (Pura’dor) every 3-4 days


Additional Notes

-Surgery was at a nearby hospital on his own floor (About 20 minutes away). Dr. Pekiner has a surgery room in his clinic, but for some reason it was not in use, he mentioned a remodel but I didn’t ask much about it.

-About 45minutes of a tasty lunch every day, provided by the clinic.

-I have not received photos from Clinic yet, I will upload them once they send them my way.

-Pekiner had a meeting on the second day which is why the graft count is low, we went from 8:30-13:30 straight. Part of me wonders what would have happened if I had better donor area, would we have had a full day, or still cut off early? 

-My last day was a full day, but also low graft count as the beard took a while. This was because he had to search for the right hairs that would best match my scalp hair color. I would say PRP also added about an hour to draw, prep, and administer

-My middle hairline before surgery shows dry, kinked hair that was transplanted by Dr. Wasserbauer. Pekiner mentioned they probably implanted them incorrectly which is why they're growing like that. They also are beginning to thin and become depigmented. 








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Average 11 Days Post Op since my HT was over the course of 3 days. 

Removed most of the scabs.

The beard hairs on the crown are now noticeable. Looking forward to those blending in once my hair has grown out a bit!









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Day 25. Shedding of transplanted hairs is ramping up. Looking generally thin all over and donor has seen better days.

Today is also about 2 months in with Oral Minoxidl 2.5mg every day.




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About 6 weeks today: I still have about 25% of my transplanted hairs that haven't shed. They aren't growing either, is this okay?

(I have bed-head in my donor area, if I combed it the hairs would be covering my skin a little more) 



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Hey everyone. Just hit 3.5 months. The hairline is starting to grow in. Still struggling with density in the mid/crown but I know that can take longer / I didn't put too many  grafts in the back. 







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Donor photos 3.5 months. It looks a tad thin on the sides but I plan to grow it out a little more (recently got a haircut).

Also at ~5 months on oral minoxidil. Expecting things to thicken up soon :D 



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