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Should i switch from Finasteride to Dutasteride? (post-surgery long term)


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 i've had very successful results with my hair transplant, and since the op i've been taking 1mg finasteride a week (coming up to 20 months now) - a much reduced dosage from the daily finasteride i'd been taking for 12 months prior to the surgery. 

I reduced my dose down as i'd read that it stays in the system for quite a bit longer than a day. 

It seems like Dutasteride is just more effective than Finasteride without any more risk/side effect?

In which case should i throw away my finasteride supply and just 'upgrade' to Dutasteride and stick to my 1mg/week dose?

what do you guys think?

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An interesting idea.  The chart below is useful at showing the effectiveness vs Fin.

Suggest to me that you can come off fin (5mg) and within 4 weeks you're back to normal DHT.

DUT gives a much slower return.

These are daily doses shown below, ending after 24 weeks.


Dutasteride and Finasteride Dosage

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