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How Minoxidil works? And quitting minoxidil (advice)(doctor's advice greatly appreciated)


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I have been on finasteride and dutasitirde since the age of 22 years old. I am currently 28. 

I was a bit indecisive on whether or not I wanted to add in Minoxidil to my regimen (back at the start of 2021). I ended up taking a stab just because "what the hell" what's the worse that can happen. 

It has been 5 months and I haven't even noticed a difference in my temples outside of some very minor thin hair follicles growing back. I did experience a minor shed at the beginning. If I wanted to quit minoxidil due to the lack of new hair regrowth, will my native hair that was originally held by dutasitirde and finasteride stay on my head after dropping Min?

The reason I am asking this is because I was applying minoxidil to my bald temples but it sometimes "touched" existing hair follicles that were there prior to any minoxidil applications. Would these existing hair follicles fall off due to quoting minoxidil? 

Do any existing hair follicles that are NOT initially impacted by DHT somehow become dependent and disappear after stopping even though I am on dutastiride and finastiride? 


Based on the following is my conclusion correct? Minoxidil is a hair growth/simulant that doesn't impact the existing hair follicle. Thus the only hair that I SHOULD lose when I STOP minoxidil treatment are the minor thin wispy ones that minoxidil regrew. 



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In theory, you shouldn't have any issues, since you were only applying it in one section. If you haven't seen regrowth and you are on dutasteride. I don't see any reason to continue. That said, you should probably give it more than 5 months. You started the beginning of the year, I would give it at least a year.

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Minoxidil ‘gives life’ to dying, miniaturising follicles - strong and healthy hairs don’t and won’t become dependent on it. 

With a bulletproof arsenal consisting of both finasteride and dutasteride, I wouldn’t be too concerned. 

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