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My experience at Farjo Medical group


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This is just a short note to express my appreciation to the Dr Farjo's and their team for what I consider to have been a great experience while having hair transplant surgery performed on me last thursday October the 15th


To begin from the start, I previously had a very unsuccessful hair transplant surgery with another surgeon that left me emotionally scarred(and physically!!), apprehensive and very skeptical of any future procedures. I had very minimal growth as a result and was left deeply out of pocket. I had more or less written off the possibility of achieving a satisfactory hair transplant. At that stage in my life I had learned to live with my baldness ??“ I felt I had no choice ??“ but it was always an irritant. So when by chance I eventually found this website and forum I came to the conclusion that there were actual clinics out there that cared about their work and professionelism. I decided after much research on this forum and by private messaging many of the prominent members on this forum/website to organise a consultation with Farjo's. The big questions was could this team and their procedures help me? The answer, to my delight, was an encouraging 'yes we can'.


The consultation with them was most informative and accurate. Far from being a sales pitch, I felt it was a caring approach from a team who genuinely wanted to help someone else with a problem. I don't want to dwell on this because I know both Dr Farjo and Mick , but I was struck by their relaxed yet serious approach, their honesty and above all their integrity. I know the latter is a judgement call but I have no doubts I was and am right. This was perhaps the most important factor in my decision to put my head in their hands. To have trust and confidence in your surgeon or in this case surgeons is of the utmost importance.


Having a new natural looking head of hair will not change peoples' personalities or solve their problems in life. However it is a marvelous feeling to know that I am that right road that leads to there. The day and the procedure went as smoothly as possible. I had a total of approximately 2100 grafts excised and placed when it was thought only a planned 1800 would have been got. My previous wide transplant scar was also revised.Throughout the procedure both Dr Farjo's were present constantly, a very reassuring fact that 2 world class surgeons are monitoring you. Since the surgery I have experience little or no discomfort or disruption to my life.


To anyone contemplating a procedure with Farjo medical centre I cannot highly recommend them enough. After my previous unpleasant experience this was a world of change. A definite PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT organisation. I will be setting up a blog updating my progress at regular intervals. Mick also has my total consent to post all my surgery pictures( though you may have to bear with him on that I know he's very very busy at the moment!!)


Once again Dr Farjo's, a million thanks to both of you, Mick and the whole team.

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Congratulations korec.


I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the result.


I had a similarly positive experience with the Farjos last November. I'm hoping to put some recently taken pics up if Mick finally gets round to e-mailing them to me. (Come on Mick pull your finger out!)


You need to be patient now but in a year's time you'll be a new man icon_smile.gif

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Thanks for the detailed account of your hair transplant experience with Dr. Farjo and congratulations :-). You've selected an excellent surgeons and now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the results to grow in. I trust it will be a good one.


I do encourage you to create a patient website to document your progress with photos.


Best wishes,



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Thanks for taking the time to let others know of your experience here.We all look forward to your blog and regular updates.I hope you dont mind me saying this here but it was as though you were a different person after we finished.It seemed like a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders and dare i say it a smile or two on your face.

Longpig , they will be there soon.I was just waiting for the film edit.i think by the time yours is done and the rest are put on our site we will have over thirty.



Patient coordinator for Dr. Bessam Farjo who is an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Originally posted by balody:

congatulations korec,glad to hear you had a positive experience.

now the hard part...waiting.

longpig,where have you been??look forward to your pics.




Afraid I do a bit too much 'lurking' and not enough posting sometimes!


I crease up every time I see your avatar - Marcus was pure tv gold icon_biggrin.gif

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