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Second Transplant 4000 Grafts by DR.Jyoti Gupta @ Dermaclinix


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This is one of the best threads where a patient has actually given a series of photos showing the progress weeks after surgery. Im due to go to turkey next wednesday and i would be happy if i had a recovery like yours. I will do a thread after surgery.


Hope all goes well!!



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Hi Mickah,


thanks for your feedback which is much appreciated. This forum and it's content helped me for the last 8 years when it came to conducting due diligence in hair Restoration and of course going for transplants. I therefore wanted to give something back by sharing my personal journeys :)



With regard to the recovery, well let's say that I learned for previous made mistakes. This time I took plenty of time off, to give my scalp and body time to recover. I also use two products which appear to be very effective.



1. Aloe Vera Water ( 99.7% leaf juice) which I spray several times per day on my scalp. It helps to knock out the itching.



2. Red Algae Silica which helps to speed up the growing process of your existing hair. I have been using this product for the last 6 month and I personally I found it much more efficient than Biotin.


Wishing you all the best for your surgery next week. :)


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There were a number of reasons why I decided to go ahead with Dr.Gupta.

Obviously one of the concerns were the costs, as hair transplant surgery in Australia is very expensive. From personal experience I can say that higher fees do not automatically lead to better service. Especially not here in Australia.

Proper due diligence is needed when making the decision to go for surgery.


As outlined here before, I already had one hair transplant back in 2014.

Whilst I was very pleased with Dr. Bhatti's work, I found the return travel path from Chandigarh to Perth pretty tough. Back then, there were some problems with Qantas which resulted that I had to fly through half Nirvana ( Chandigarh - Delhi - Singapore - Denpasar/Bali - Perth).

To clarify, this was not the clinic's fault.


I probably would have gone back for my second surgery, however the multiple stop overs made me looking for some other alternatives.

I consequently contacted a number of clinics in Delhi for information and quotes. Some of the given replies were pretty mediocre to say at least, including some really dodgy sale pitches.


I decided to contact Dermaclinix after I saw some pictures of a patient on this board. I exchanged messages with the manager of the clinic through Whatsapp. The entire communication was professional and not once I have had the feeling the they try force me to make a commitment. Every single question I have had ( and there were quiet a few) was answered within a short time. I found them very helpful and genuine which lead to my decision to have the surgery there.

Besides the hair transplant, I've also had a PRP treatment which was in the price included. They also did not charge extra for body grafts ( beard).


Overall a very pleasant experience.

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the shedding still continues, but still have more hair than I have had prior to surgery. For the last 12 month the were significant gaps between my reinstated hairline from 2014 and the temples. Pretty much 6 -8 cm holes which could no longer be camouflaged with dermmatch. I have had to switch to Cuvre which helped to" paint the scalp".






















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