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    Patchy or Total Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata)
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr.Tejinder Bhatti
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    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
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  1. the next milestone has been reached. 6 month post surgery today
  2. Hence my bemusement about your repeated posts, I do not appreciate that you hijack my thread for your personal rants about a doctor who has no connection or whatsoever with the place where I have been. Why are you posting hearsay experience about a clinic in Turkey if this thread is subject about a surgery which took place in India? Are you familiar with the difference between Turkey and India? Well, your username says it all. I suggest that you remove your posts in question, including your 25 repeats
  3. Luckily there was hardly any shock loss within the crown area. Having said, I must admit that my recovery process was different compare to my first hair transplant. Back in 2014, I have had shock loss within the first 6 weeks and signs of re-growth after 3.5 month. This time, there was not much shock loss at all and signs of re growth already evident within less than 3 months. However it seems that there is a delayed reaction as I did developed a nasty bald patch at the back of head ( were hair was harvested) 3 months after surgery. Tests confirmed alopecia areata. I have never had alopecia nor did anyone in my family. I thought that the temporary intake of a herbal supplement perhaps was to blame for the condition, but I am certain that the alopecia patch was induced by the surgery. Even my dermatologist believes now, that the bald patch is linked to the trauma. I have had this week a few more steroid injections which hopefully speed up the recovery. Otherwise I am pretty happy with given result so far. With regard to medication, I only use 5%minoxidil QUOTE=super64;2526889]Have you experienced shock loss in your crown? I have a similar crown to yours and I was rejected for a HT because my coverage is still not that bad and I would have had shock loss according to Harley Street Clinic. Was that not the case for you? Have you been told about that? Also, do you take any medication and if so how long have you done so? Any side effects?
  4. Hi Johnny, I do wash and style my hair every day. It does not take much time at all.
  5. 161 days past since surgery. Next update will be on the 6 month mark /180days