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Second Transplant 4000 Grafts by DR.Jyoti Gupta @ Dermaclinix


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Hence my bemusement about your repeated posts, I do not appreciate that you hijack my thread for your personal rants about a doctor who has no connection or whatsoever with the place where I have been. Why are you posting hearsay experience about a clinic in Turkey if this thread is subject about a surgery which took place in India? Are you familiar with the difference between Turkey and India? Well, your username says it all.

I suggest that you remove your posts in question, including your 25 repeats




Please run for your life at this clinic/doctor Prof. Dr. Nazim Durak, he and his 3 no-heart technicians should go to prison for the damage they have caused to my friend under the name of hair transplant: the scar is as big as a hand on the donor site with almost NO transplanted new hair after almost 3 months... My friend has been suffering and almost commit suicide a few times. Please spread the words to help your friends PLEASEEEEE
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On 2/18/2018 at 7:44 PM, Manuel said:


thanks Frank. There was definitely some shock loss behind the hair line and also within the crown area. Having said, my temples were already very bad prior to my second HT. Everything was going well after I have had the 1st HT, however last year in March I suddenly lost within 6 month more hair than I have lost within the last 4 years. It looked pretty bad and was no longer able to cover the gaps with dermmatch and couvre

That is what I had mentioned in my earlier threads that my transplanted hair are falling out after 5 yrs no one took Me seriously.  I am glad you pointed the same issue . It's real that transplanted hair are not permanent as believed by many here they do fall out after some years . My query is if you already experienced this in ur 1st HT then why did you do the 2nd one ? You know well that this also won't last more than a few years and this time your donor has also exhausted  pls explain the thinking behind this Manuel ?

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Just to clarify, it was NOT the previously transplanted hair which was subject to the mentioned hair loss. My surgeon even advised me that I would likely face a second transplant with the years to come. This was outlined to me prior to commencement.  As known, a transplant does not prevent from further receding, which in my case was mainly linked to medication.  There was a slight problem with the first HT where the left front turned out to have a better density than the right side. But this was very minor.  I have opted for the second transplant based on the problem that my existing hair behind the new hairline receded. But again this was something which I knew would soon or later occur. In my case there was still plenty of donor hair available and I am pretty satisfied with the given result so far. Keep in mind that that I have had only 2430 grafts taken when I have had my first HT.  That was enough to reinstate the hairline and to fill a bit of the crown area.  

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On 12/12/2017 at 10:39 PM, Manuel said:

Hi Mickah,


thanks for your feedback which is much appreciated. This forum and it's content helped me for the last 8 years when it came to conducting due diligence in hair Restoration and of course going for transplants. I therefore wanted to give something back by sharing my personal journeys :)



With regard to the recovery, well let's say that I learned for previous made mistakes. This time I took plenty of time off, to give my scalp and body time to recover. I also use two products which appear to be very effective.



1. Aloe Vera Water ( 99.7% leaf juice) which I spray several times per day on my scalp. It helps to knock out the itching.



2. Red Algae Silica which helps to speed up the growing process of your existing hair. I have been using this product for the last 6 month and I personally I found it much more efficient than Biotin.


Wishing you all the best for your surgery next week. :)


How many grafts in crown ?

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Hi@Manuel, what is your current status? would you recommend dermaclinix? I'm looking at couple of options for my grade 6/7 hair loss like Eugenix, DermaCliix, Satya Clinic etc.

I recently had a hair transplant at Eugenix. Checkout and let me know your feedback.


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