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So I was chatting with one of my team today who know I'm planning a HT in Oct and he asked if I was going to tell everyone. I replied no, not if I can help it. :D .. but it got me thinking again about the likelihood of getting away with it.


I normally wear my hair as per my profile avatar (although a a little shorter on top) so coming back with a buzz cut/crew cut is definitely going to bring attention to my hair which will be fine-ish for the first few weeks before the shed .. I'm just hoping that the shed doesn't start too soon. In a perfect world my hair will be getting back to my usual length around the time its all shed. Is that realistic? I guess my biggest worry is that I'll have a red band in the front once its shed. TBH its not going to stop me, but I'm curious as to how many people on here went back to work 2 weeks later and got away with it, i,e nobody guessed you'd had a HT? BTW, I work in corporate office environment, so wearing a cap/hat is not going to be an option. :(

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First you will be amazed how little attention you get after the first day back to work. I too was very concerned about "can I get away with it?" so I decided to go public before and after. People respond better to openness, bullies look to expose "hiders"....so I just beat them to the punch.


Seriously though...after the first day of questions....people are just too busy with their own lives, their own problems, their own insecurities to care....most of the attention is more about "how do they do that?"....."do they transplant your own hair?"...."how much did it cost?"...."how long does it take to grow back?".


Realize almost everyone has something about their physical appearance they would like to change, so in reality they are saying to themselves "Gosh I wish I could get my nose fixed"..."my smile/teeth fixed"...."my bariatric surgery", etc...


The people I work with were overwhelming positive....it's not like 6th grade where the bored kids are relentless...adults have way too much else to worry about. The only negatives I can think of are things like "wow I don't think you even needed that"...or "I would never do that I am scared of knives".


Think about going this route....it may surprise you how well it goes to just be open about it.

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You may want to consider getting the new short hair cut several weeks before your procedure so others will already be used to seeing you with short hair.


That way they won't be staring at your head wondering why you came back looking so different with a short hair cut.


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I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I had brain surgery lol, I had a mix of FUE and FUT so the hair was cut very short and blatantly showing my scar. I have pale skin so the redness made the transplanted hairs hard to see because of my lighter colored hair.

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Thanks for all the advice guys. To be honest I'm quite an open person and also not very good at keeping secrets so the vast majority of people in my life (friends, family, immediate work colleagues) know or will know by the time I fly out to have it. However I have a fairly prominent role in a large office (circa 600 people) so I'm just mindful that I don't want to be known as they guy who had a HT. I know in general people don't really care and mocking or bullying isn't a factor (and would never happen at our office) but equally I'd rather no be the subject of office gossip. Hopefully the shedding will take 4-5 weeks, if that's the case then I think my hair would have grown back to how I normally style it by that point (grows pretty quick) and then it'll just be a case of waiting. If it's start to get obvious then I probably will just tell people.


Gillenator thanks for the tip to cut it short before I go. I don't think I'll totally buzz cut it pre-surgery as Dr Erdogan does ask for it to be 1cm long, plus if I have a buzz cut and my receeding temples are more prominent (it's styled current to hide it somewhat) then if I comeback two weeks later with a perfect hairline it might actual raise my questions. Normally cut it a grade 2 on the side and back so I'll do that but take the top quite a bit shorter.


beebz I did lol at your brain surgery comment. Should have told them that's exactly what it was. :D

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