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  1. its normal. Also since you almost dont have vertex hairloss you will have a good result at the end. Plus you have a lot of grafts to go for a second operation if you would like more density. Just wait a year and go from there added: i also want to add that i think its not good to impant grafts very dense in one operation, i think it drops survival rate. If you want big density its better to split into 2-3.. etc operations.
  2. i had 2 ops with this doctor. You can check my thread. Only thing that i can advise is just stop thinking about it. Its done. Just wait a year or so .
  3. i dont know how many grafts i have. But whatever it is , its not much and i saved it for later. I was thinking about it, and thats why i went with only 1800 grafts last operation.
  4. well, density is nothing special. I have to keep hair long on top so it will look like that. I can make only certain hairstyles so they look good on me. Dont forget that i need to cover pretty big area with only 5,5k grafts. Also i need to keep donor area atleast 2 sm long so it will look OK. I need to compromise to look normal.
  5. im norwood 5 , i think on finasteride (1.25mg) ,minoxidil (5%) for 5 years I had 2 operations with Dr.Erkan Demirsoy in Istanbul. 1st operation (3686 follicles) in front part/ mid part/ hairline. 2nd ~1800: in vertex (~1200) and hairline (~600) i post pre 1 operation pics, and final result as of today . Later if you need i can post more pics ( post 1 operation, pre 2 operation, post 2 operation ). I had a ton of pics, just too lazy to edit them . Sry.
  6. Wow. You had very rapid hairloss ,in 5 years to NW7 , thats quick. Why you didn't start finasteride earlier ? I see that you have a lot of body hair, and that is great because you will need all of it to fix your hairloss. Good luck to you, i was nw5 myself.
  7. Only if you can collect good amount of body hair grafts. You can get ~4K grafts from the head max.. Rest should be body hair
  8. So far the only thing you lost is money and time and native hair. You need to go back on propecia and minoxidil foam ! Im norwood 5 myself and recently went for the second surgery to fill my vertex and add some dencity to the hair line. You will need app. 5-6K grafts to make things look normal. You need to look for a surgeon in Turkey , they have best price/ quality in the world. It will cost you app 7-10K euro.
  9. in terms of muscle mass recovery and well being i think this is what happens. When you take fin you block conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and when you body sees that it tries to raise dihydrotestosterone to normal levels and the only way it can do that is by increasing production of testosterone
  10. im on fin for 4 years now. The only side i have is watery semen .But since i have no plans to have kids for now it dont worry me. On the other side i found that i can go 5-7 times for sex in one day,so it kinda boosted my libido, the other good "side effect" i found that my muscle mass dont go away after i stop workout . So i can easily get back in shape . Im 35 btw.
  11. are you sure they grew? Almost all transplanted hair fall out first and then start to regrow. This is an initial hair that was transplanted , that is why its so thick comparing to the other. In my case i just understood that those hair stuck and either dead completely or blocking the way for a new hair . Also such hair gave me inflammation. As it would be a foreign object that force my immune system to reject it. Anyway after around 6 months i just removed them with pincers. They came out extremely easily ,like nothing was holding them .Most of them were folded closer to the follicle as when they were implanted , they were not put straight in to the channel and bended .And i think that is the reason why they didn't survive. Just share my story, consult with your doctor about this situation.
  12. i had HT , and had a number of hairs like that , they were dead hair with dead follicles . Thats why they just stuck there.