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3815 grafts FUE with Dr. Koray Erdogan July 2015

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Hello everybody,



I'm a 36 y.o. with Ludwig pattern loss and have been on Finasteride (1 mg) for more than 7 years.

I've used minoxidil for about almost the same time (but with interruptions).


A few months back, I decided to go with Dr. Koray Erdogan for a FUE procedure. My hair has been falling since long time but lately I've noticed it has accelerated. For me it was time to take the plunge whith the objective of prolonging the appearance of my hair.

It took some research through the forum and after seeing his work and others I took the plunge.


First contact

I sent the photos (sorry for the low quality) and got an explanation of how everything worked, an estimation of the grafts I would need and pre and post-op instructions.


From the start I felt very pleased with the information, the treatment and the speed of response. The doctor's representative is very professional and makes you feel at ease from the start.


I booked for a two day procedure (max is 2000 grafts/day) for July.



Upon arrival I went for a graft count, photos, shave and a consultation.


I was amazed with the installations, basically you don't worry about anything, you just go in for your procedure and they take care of everything.


When I met Dr. Koray we discussed what where my expectations as, as a Ludwig pattern, the effect is not as imediate as if I were a Northwood pattern.

Dr. Koray explained my type of hairs and the state of my thining top to check what I could expect from surgery.

My donnor area is a normal one so I could go for a good amount of graft transplantation.


Due to the nature of my thinning hair. the results, combined with shockloss wouldn't be as imediate as in other procedures.

Also, has he would be implanting in the middle of existing hair, it is more complicated.

After hearing all the explanations the grafts number was set to 3800 grats.


Procedure days

The procedure started early in the morning, Dr. Koray's team has two technicians, a anesthisiologist, himself and your representative who accompanies you all the time.

Once again, excellent people, very professional and careful with their work.

First day they worked on the left donnor side and second day, roght donnor side.

It took from 7ish untill 3h both days (more or less) with meals, 2 breaks and a massage to your neck and feet - very nice and needed touch because you can't move basically.


Dr. Koray came in to check on you during the havesting, to puncture the receiving area for the new grafts and to check on you.


The grafts broken down:

Total: 3815

1's - 731

2's - 2007

3's - 923

4's - 147

5's - 7


I really felt supported by everybody all the time, from the doctor to the anestesiologist, to the team and representative. You feel your money is well spent.


After surgery

did not have any pain on both days and ASMED even gives you a hat to cover yourself (I saw more patients than I would have expected on the street and airport) and protect your HT from the sun.


The first wash was simple and they explained thouroughly how to do it at home.




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Hi guys,


Here are the after-surgery photos.


You can see the difference of two days in healing (from day 1 to day 2) and the day after the second procedure I was a bit swollen (But it completely disappear on the next day) - the police had a hard time to compare me to my passport photo but everything went perfect and Dr. Koray gives you a document stating you had a HT and explaining the kit, etc, etc.


I'll post photos for month one next.






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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant! I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the results. Please keep us posted on your progress.

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Thank you David!


After 1 month my scalp still feels numb - the doctor says it is normal, that every patient takes more or less time to heal.

The swollen areas of my head have completely disappeared and I think the transplanted hair has fallen off.

I have the impression that with the increase from 1 mg to 1,5 mg my hair is much stronger - just see some hairs in my hand when washing my head.


In terms of everyday life, just using a hat under the sun and didn't have any comments so I think it's not noticeable for someone who's not looking for it.


Here are the pictures of month 1





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Hi guys,


After two months, I'm starting to feel little hairs when I pass my hand on my scalp closely.

Part of my recepient still feels numb and I feel itchy from time to time.


With the finasteride dosage, my hair falls much less. I suppose it's also a effect of th HT. Can you share your opinions?


Here are the pictures






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Hi guys,


Here are the update for 4 months.

In terms of scalp still feel a bit numb, less and less though.

Hair does not fall as much (since the HT and the dose upgrade). Still feel hitching from time to time - If I wash my hair every day the hitching is more present, so I'm washing it everyother day.


These are photos from my phone, so probably not as good as they could be. Please check them and I welcome your comments.


Next month I'll cut my hair shorter to see If it is better noticeable the result.





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Looking great Mabs. I'm going in next week for a HT with Erdogan 3000 FUE. How much donor capacity did you have?

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