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Need Help People!!!!Urgent!!!!

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Hi Everybody


It's been exactly 3 months since I underwent HT by Dr Radha. I ain't satisfied with the hair growth so far. There are wispy hair here and there but they lack thickness and I ain't sure if they are growing fast enough like my native hair. I am on Biotin 1000 mcg, taking multi minerals twice a day as well as Aloe Vera gel. I use bandana while I am out. What do you think of my progress people? I am very much anxious. It would be very much appreciable if you guys give me you opinions. Should I expect hair to be thinner in the coming months? I don't know what to do right now. Any other medicine that would help me for the hair to have more volume.


I seek your opinion. Please help me out.








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@Cryingoutloud: Heyhey, please remain polite, or at least not unnecessarily insulting (I don`t know you such ;))


But true, at 3 months your transplants all are still in telogen stage, "nmshams", just be patient and wait until at least month 7 before you start to worry about the outcome of your HT. Dr. Radha should have briefed you about this, and it would as well have been a matter of minutes to find it out for yourself doing only a quick Google search.. All the best to you

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Any update nsham? Almost a year now.


Funnny how this happens. Someone mentioned the other day how there's an influx of immediate post-op related posts and a shortage of anything post 6 months.... likely satisfied patients that've continued on with their lives. Hope so at least.

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From experience I would say that 3 months is actually a harder month than 1 and 2 not in terms of recovery but the expectations. When you reach 3 months it seems like such a long time and some peoples nerves just don't hold out. They expect to see results, on the whole the healing has happened and grafts have shed, scalp has healed and then suddenly.......nothing.


It makes people nervous that's for sure. The good news is that the growth is just around the corner.


Former patient and representative for Hasson & Wong.


Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are esteemed members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.


My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.



My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Hasson

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