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  1. We're very lucky that two of the world's best surgeons also happen to be very kind and thoughtful people too. This is sometimes rare in medicine where egos rule the day. Having had surgery with Dr. Ron and meeting with Dr. Konior in person last week, I can tell you that they are both class acts. Similar demeanor and approaches, both of whom (unsurprisingly) have immense respect for each other.
  2. SMG is offering topical finasteride via a pharmacy in Italy. It's being delivered as we speak. I'm still feeling mixed about it but will likely test only in frustration areas first 3x per week. The only alternative is the solution Dr. Wesley is currently offering which is a lesser topical dosage. Admittedly less sure about his preparation method but have a note out to confirm. He referenced a pretty substantial study I'm trying to get my hands on too.
  3. Results are all I care about. Particularly right now. Whatever the "right move" is I'm open to it.
  4. I think I'm understanding. So you're saying that a small FUE would not necessarily take away from the primary strip zone that we want to factor for the future, but nearby real estate that would remain available even after stripped out? Further, that to strip for an area so small would actually prove counterproductive? When I first asked Dr. Ron it was suggested we could strip to reinforce some of the weaker areas of my hairline (noticeable when pulled back) while reinforcing the forelock. After some thought, however, my hairline outline satisfies for now. Id rather address "cher
  5. @ HTsoon Good to hear from ya brotha and appreciate the feedback. I was looking fwd to getting your input. Could you explain your strategy for me a little further? I was under impression you max out FUT before you move onto FUE. I will admit that getting cut open again for a smaller session doesnt appeal at the moment, even though the scar looks solid. What # of grafts do you think would suffice? @Mav My dude, sorry for the disappearing act. I just had to detach and get some perspective over the whole thing. I know you get it. Agree that PRP probably wont get me there. I guess m
  6. I'm simply blown away by the support on here. It's funny how you find special people in the most unexpected places sometimes. You're all brothers to me. This journey has given me a certain perspective that reaches far beyond just a hair transplant. While I came up short, I know this is a long-term process I have no choice but to embrace. There's a certain level of expectation that's unhealthy and I maybe went there. I'm humbled. I've given up my illusions of grandeur, of being able to wake and take on the day without worrying about concealers, rain, and wind. Those days remain, for n
  7. Apologies for the long absence everyone. So many of you have helped guide me through this journey and I am forever appreciative of that. I hope you can understand, I just didnt, and I still dont, have the energy to be here. It's been a powerful experience, even if I ultimately fall short of my hair goals. Overall, I'm just pretty tired. Not defeated--that's not who I am, but just quite exhausted from the last year. I realize I dont have to explain--I know so many of you understand, but I am slowly beginning to accept the reality of my results. When I last reported, I was still see
  8. Honest answer guys- "I just dont know yet". I'm in a bit of a paradox at the moment. Let me explain..... On one hand, I'm preparing for an uninspiring result. Not failed, simply uninspiring, as i'm quickly approaching the much coveted 9-month mark (7/1) without a result that I would ultimately declare a winner. The lines are carefully detailed with so much potential, but ultimately, lacking density in my key frustration area. This surgery for me was a forelock/widows peak or bust scenario. Hairline too, but aforementioned primarily. In bringing back the forelock/widows peak, density w
  9. Are you still seeing new hairs emerge, or progress being made, in recent months or currently? Still early bud.
  10. Awesome my man! Looks like that shock loss was a pretty temporary thing. Looking great. Cant believe how much growth you had mid-scalp in the last few months, thats just wild. All easy from here. Happy for you.
  11. Everything I've read suggests that 4-9 months is the primary emergence period for new hairs, and subsequent months is mostly maturation, with some variability of course. I actually bought a magnifying mirror and in harsh light can see many new hairs still just popping through that I cant see in a regular mirror. I'm a month behind you. Maybe grab one for added perspective. Are you seeing month over month progress? If you're creeping along, but consistently, maybe it'll just take more time. Btw your original photos were a bit unclear. did you ever post closer/more updated ones?
  12. Love your journey.... Signed the dotted line, skepticism kicked in, listened, then listened some more, came to your senses and pivoted away from an inevitable mistake. Now the fun part--consults with all the top guys. Good luck!
  13. Can someone explain to me rationale here? Being sincere not sassy. Very large session and use of avail supply for someone with tons of existing hair. I would imagine aggressive medical therapy would be a requirement.
  14. Sweet forelock envy Dutch. Looking good bud, win that mental game
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