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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. Let me explain Doug, I suddenly got 2 different reviewers attacking me in this thread by wanting to see me get banned from this forum. Both had their work done with H&W. I think I may have jumped to the conclusion that these guys were also employed by H&W. I will admit that may have a wrong assumption on my part. But then, a few days ago, I get an anonymous text from a 604 area code that said "STOP!!". I tried to text the number back and no response, I tried calling the number but there was no answer. I may have jumped the gun a bit by tying this thread and the text together. If I'm wrong then I apologize
  2. So what if I brought in a picture of George Clooney??? If anything, George Clooney looks like me!!!
  3. Okay, does this leave anyone normal??? Cause I dont think it does......LOL
  4. If I were in your shoes Bill, I'd touch up the crown with a partial scalp hair FUE and a a partial beard hair FUE, and be done with the whole show. But thats just me
  5. I have to admit, I'm possibly the The Impulse Bandit And of course, completely mentally unstable as well. But thats besides the point
  6. If you value your transplant, I would cut those cigarettes out altogether. Unless you think cigs are more important than your hair
  7. Donnie, I think your hair looks pretty good. It looks to me like you just have to fill things up a bit, so my advice is go with a partial scalp and partial bodyhair transplant, and that should finish it. If I were you I'd go see Dr. Umar and let him do this thing properly
  8. Okay so here it goes (I shouldve bookmarked the site, but I forgot to): Apparently when a transplanted hair follicle goes into resting stage, it then has to start all over again. It has to slowly start gathering all its protein (or amino acids) and it has to build up the hair shaft again. This is why the regrowth process takes so long. Think of the process as an amino acid (or protein) factory. So something like this: So what I read on other websites (and sorry, but I forgot to bookmark them) is that if you take certain shampoos or conditioners (especially conditioners) that have hydrolyzed protein in them, you can impede this process because it contains singular amino acids that can confuse the hair follicle. Examples: Hydrolyzed keratin Hydrolyzed collagen Hydrolyzed wheat Keratin amino acids Hydrolyzed protein And anything else that either says "protein", "hydrolyzed" or "amino" on the label. If it says anything like this on the label, throw it in the garbage!! So this is the conditioner I was using. Its callled K-PAK by Joico: http://www.joico.com/joico-products/k-pak/ Its especially bad for newly transplanted hair, because it tells you to leave it on your scalp for 5 minutes or so. This gives it plenty of time to be absorbed by the dermis and work its way into the hair follicle. As soon as I eliminated this hair conditioner I started noticing new growth within a matter of a few weeks or so
  9. Thank you Stig. I am not a troll, thats for sure. PeloDinero is Italian for "Hair Money" plus he feels the need to defend H&W. If the person behind the handle is who I think it is then I forgive him and I understand why he's being grumpy, because he's going through some serious health issues right now
  10. You're in luck, kiddo. Approximately 1% of all transplants do not fall out. They keep growing, and growing........and growing. I'm slightly jealous too. But not terribly so.....LOL
  11. EDIT: there are shampoos AND conditioners that can impede this process. Probably more so the conditioners. I'll explain later
  12. Here's what I learned from scouring the internet (and so far the info seems to be correct). Each hair follicle has its own "amino acid factory". That means once a transplanted hair follicle has been implanted, it has to start all over again from scratch and get its own anagen hair to grow again by getting its protein chain going. There are shampoos out there that can impede this process. I will post later why, but so far so good. I'm very, very happy right now
  13. Donnie!!!!! You filthy Toronto freak!!! No, its not adding a shampoo, its deleting one. I'll explain later, but so far it seems to be working
  14. Very impressive, GiantAss No really, very impressive :cool: