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  1. Thanks California, that`s very nice from you It wasn`t just this thread, but a couple in the last time. I was accused of being a rep in another thread (which has been resolved in the meantime with "scar5" btw), the "Horrible results" thread that probably will lead into some soothing words from the mods and the surgeon, but no consequences in the end and so on.. It`s just things like when the results of Dr. Dua appeared only a few weeks ago, I somehow felt that it is a pre-arranged game being played out and he is soon to be proposed for recommendation and then gets recommended no matter wh
  2. Let me get back one last time, only on here. I don`t know how Spanker (whom I always highly respected btw) came to his 9:7 ratio. Here are the relevant posts: PRO User: 1. "KO" Post # 5 (and many others, Quote: "I think this is a site for guys who can hit pretty well") 2. "BUSA" Post # 26 3. "Superchunk" Post # 57 (5th post on this forum) 4. "1978matt" Post # 63 (Quote: "All things considered this doctor deserves to be recommended." No commiting to the raised issues) CONTRA: 1. "Rawkerboi" Post # 8 2. "NaMo" Post # 10 3. "1966kph" Post # 11 4. "wwiizzkkiidd24
  3. As said in the Dr. Dua recommendation thread, I`m leaving this site. Thus, I will not comment on this thread anymore, but I will have a look on how things develop. All the best to you all, especially the OP, I hope you get what you deserve, and I hope the doc will as well. Bye
  4. Lol I`ll leave this site at last. And it`s not because I`m saying Dr. Dua is a bad surgeon. I just don`t like hypocrisy. Thanks to everyone involved on here, all the members, most surgeons, also the moderators, especially Blake and David. All the very best, time will tell how things will work out here...
  5. Just a quick reminder that the combo approach is only a tiny tiny part of this...
  6. http://img3.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/postopfromto52hwtgxi13.jpg Each color field represents 100 grafts. As the picture quality is not the best, I was very generous in my interpretation: Oftentimes, I made dots when there was the slightest interpretational possibility; when there were blood spots, I took the highest amount of grafts possible in such an area, even though it would exceed the normal and average placing density and pattern. Especially in the middle hairline area marked in green and yellow, I rather made wildly generous assumptions. If I would have only marked the grafts iden
  7. That`s the crucial point here. People can write whole books on here talking things to death, but it doesn`t change this simple fact.
  8. It`s an open, global market which is constantly developing, modifying and diversifying, so no worries here. Principle of demand and supply at last..
  9. @Cryingoutloud: Heyhey, please remain polite, or at least not unnecessarily insulting (I don`t know you such ) But true, at 3 months your transplants all are still in telogen stage, "nmshams", just be patient and wait until at least month 7 before you start to worry about the outcome of your HT. Dr. Radha should have briefed you about this, and it would as well have been a matter of minutes to find it out for yourself doing only a quick Google search.. All the best to you
  10. Hi, to me you partly are still speaking in riddles, but it also seems your last post is some kind of conciliation? It`s just very hard to be accused to be as someone dishonest, it`s actually a pretty hard insult for me, because all my life I try to be the exact opposite.. Funny that you`re mentioning Coke, as I not too long ago tried to taste the drink just like it is, mentally turning off all the exciting associations my mind got programmed with, just my senses and me - and guess what, it tasted like pure garbage lol I learned a lot from that only Regarding your question if I commented
  11. Welcome (back) to the forum, superchunk. Long time no see... Please read through the whole thread once again maybe, there were very particular points that got raised. Do you have any substantiated opinion to that? This is not about, hey, cool, a recommendation thread, with my 5th post after half a year of absence I vote in favor because the few results posted look like tidy work to me. If they wouldn`t do, the mods wouldn`t have considered him for recommendation in the first place. This is out of question anyway.. Our reasons for hesitation and partly refusal are due to more particular and com
  12. Hi kopite, this is actually indeed offtopic, please just open your own thread next time, I am sure you`ll get satisfying replies then That said, no, there will be no problem at all with a trimmed donor, in contrary, most surgeons will trim your donor hair anyway, be it for FUE or strip. All the best for your procedure, just relax, Dr. Radha is an excellent surgeon
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