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  1. Too much area to cover and not enough donor. Ironically, if you'd used finasteride early on, you might be rocking a nice head of hair by now
  2. Just sounds fly by night. You get what you pay for and repair procedures are no fun. How do you expect them to sound when you're a potential paying customer? Of COURSE they're positive ; they want your business. FUE scarring can be pretty nasty if extraction isn't done properly and at 3000 euro, you can bet 4000 grafts won't be extracted with finesse. Still, it's your head
  3. Approaching the mater from the wrong direction, buddy. You don't want to cut corners on a procedure that, in the wrong hands, could end up with you looking much worse than when you went in.
  4. Ah, good ol' BUSA's winning personality is still going strong, I see. Have you had your first procedure yet, BUSA?
  5. Seriously?? Mate, get a grip. It's 4 months. I would bet every penny you paid that the reputable surgeon who did your HT gave you a complete list of post-operative instructions and that you did enough research to know how long it takes to get an idea of how successful your procedure has been. The word "refund" has no business being in your vocabulary at this stage. Try swapping it for "patience".
  6. Turkey doesn't count as Europe although many of them would like to be considered as such. Personally, I don't rate them as highly as US/EU surgeons but no one can touch them when it comes to value for money. In the region of €3 per graft in Turkey versus €7 or 8 in places like Brussels
  7. Go somewhere else. If the surgeon got it wrong first time, how can you trust that they'll get it right next? For the surgeon, having another crack at a worse-than-expected result is an opportunity to limit any damage to his/her reputation but to YOU . . . it's the face you have to show to the world for the rest of your LIFE. You can't take that lightly. As far as your other choices are concerned, DHT clinic just isn't banging out the home runs like it used to. Dr. Pathomvanich is knocking on a bit and rumours suggest he's delegating a lot more of the procedural work to techs and his co-surgeon. Dr. Bhatti is supposed to be ok but do you want "OK" or do you want "Wow"? Save your money, head to Europe. The euro's in the toilet right now so it could be a lot cheaper than it would have been last year
  8. Dr. Path's practice is more of a (FUT) strip shop. You can't really do a 1 blade with a smiley scar. I'd contact them again to make sure they understand you're looking for FUE. Long way to go to find out the surgeon slicing into the back of your head.
  9. Yeah it's a good case but this surgeon's record with African American patients has been less than stellar. There are several other surgeons who consistently wheel out breathtaking FUE cases with African hair; Dr Diep being a notable standout. Of course, it's your choice but I'd hate for you to use the same guy and end up disappointed again. You've got to get it right this time round. You don't want to be doing this again 12 or 18 months from now.
  10. Don't scrimp on costs either. If you absolutely, positively have to have it done in the UK and you can't afford Farjo then save UP until you CAN. Failing that, hit Europe. The pound sterling is doing great against the euro right now so you could save a tidy sum. Feirduni, Lorenzo, Bisanga & Mwamba are all gold standard surgeons who very rarely, if ever, disappoint.
  11. While a doctor might not be able to feel the curve in a hair shaft, after a few attempts at extraction within a particular area, he should be able to predict how the shaft curves. Damage to follicles in the recipient area when making incisions won't be an issue for a skilled surgeon skilled surgeon. I have African-type hair and had FUT first and FUE second to add density. No damage to existing follicles and got an excellent yield. Don't do FUT if your scalp is tight. Go with a surgeon with the experience of doing FUE on curly hair - I'm sure you know who they are.
  12. Dr. Dua's work is distinctly average. I'd vote no if I thought votes carried half as much weight as we're led to believe.