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Fantasic experience with Dr. Konior

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A bit about myself: I'm a 32 year old male and I've had a receding hairline since I was about 24. I jumped on propecia (half a pill) and rogaine relativitly soon thereafter, and either because of that or just because of genetics, the rest of my hair is actually quite full and healthy. I'd say I'm an aggressive Norwood 2 on my left side and a Norwood 3 on my right side. I became adept at using my forelock to cover my hairless but even that slowly became less effective and it was also annoying to have to worry about strategic hair placement all the time. Most people, if they found out I had a hair transplant, would say I didn't need one, and it's true I never felt I needed one, but now that I've had one, it only validated my belief that a modest change to my hairline would make a significant aesthetic result. Now onto that:


I had waffled with the idea of having a hair transplant for years. Being relatively young and having most of my hair in tact, I juggled feelings of doubt (would I regret filling in my temples if all the rest of my hair falls out in the next ten years), money (hair transplants are not cheap!), guilt (with so many balding people who would love my hair, was I being shallow in wanting a relatively minor area filled) and even basic philosophical questions like "given I can't stop my body from aging, isn't it better to just accept aging as it comes instead of trying to fight it, which is a guaranteed losing battle?"


But recently I decided to stop overthinking things and adopt the theory that if I did my research and gave myself enough time to reflect that this is what I really wanted, then I could go forward with the surgery and live with whatever consequences there were, knowing I educated myself as much as I could at the time. Thus, I met with a number of doctors and did an insane amount of research, to the point I became an untrained expert on hairloss, and ultimately I decided I did want to proceed, but I wanted to proceed with the best doctor I could possibly find. That ended up being Dr. Konior.


I had 1230 FUEs, and granted I'm young and healthy, but the work was so well done that 7 days after the surgery I was able to buzz my head so my existing hair was the same length as the new grafts, and nobody noticed I had a transplant - they all only complimented me on the new buzzed look. There were no visible scabs in the recipient area and no visible scars in the donor area that shortly after surgery.


Dr. Konior and his staff are utmost professionals and are very good at being available. Dr. Konior has a reputation as being a perfectionist, and everything I've seen thus far has lived up to that. Not only were my recipient area and donor area extremely clean (even Dr. Konior's staff remarked at how unusually clean they were), I had very minimal pain afterward and it was only for the first few days.


Granted, perhaps my age and overall health, along with my relatively small number of grafts, led to such fast healing, and I have yet to see how the grafts will actually grow, but so far every expectation of mine has well been exceeded. Dr. Konior is an artful FUE doctor, and while pricey, worth every penny if you can afford it. If you're looking for the best, you might find equivalents, but I doubt you'd find better. I'll update this, and hopefully my sentiments will not have changed, when the grafts grow.

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Thanks for sharing the details of your recent hair transplant experience with Dr. Konior. I hope that we can follow your progress. Heal and grow well!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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utley7 - yes, I buy the generic form of propecia from costco (it's dirt cheap there compared to other pharmacies) and I use a pill cutter to split the pills in half. I had some side effects from a full pill, which have largely resolved from a half pill (sometimes my libido fluctuates but I think that's more likely just the normal fluctuations that coincide with mood, a busy work week, etc. instead of the drug, although I'd have to stop taking it propecia completely to be sure of that). It also doesn't seem to have hurt the health of my hair, but everyone is different of course.

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I'd kill to see pics of this. We're really similar cases--I'm 32 now and had a transplant at 29. Same circumstances--NW2-3 style recession with thick hair behind, and nothing that anyone would really call "balding." Like you, I'm ecstatic that I had the procedure, and I'm actually going to Dr. Rahal to get the hairline dropped just a bit more.


Anyway, congrats!

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Win, are you going FUT or FUE?


FUT. My first procedure was FUT, so there's really no point in going the more expensive FUE route when I've already got a scar. Once this procedure is wrapped up and the scar is fully healed, I'll probably get some FUE and SMP into it to disguise it, because I keep my hair really short (like a 2 guard).

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Once you have a scar, you might as well continue to utilize that scar like you said. Plus exhausting FUT prior to utilizing FUE seems to be the most prudent way to maximize donor over the long run. Lastly my FUE result was so so. I believe that the method itself is quite a bit more stressful on the transplanted follicles than FUT and more of a roll of the dice based upon my result and what I've seen in the forums.

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Great to see you had a good experience mate!


I am also looking to jump back into the chair over the next year and lower my hair line now at age 32 also.


Regarding the FUT or FUE, once you have stripped it's more sense to continue with that route.



"The road to success is always under construction"


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I am also here to assist fellow Australian/NZ Hair Loss sufferers both on and off the forum.


Contact: mbhounslow@gmail.com - Mike.

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Hair-A-Gain Generic Minox: x2 Daily 13 years

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Other Random products put to use during my hair loss battle (not in use):

Spiro Cream 5mg

Minox 15%

Dr Proctor's Nano Shampoo

Various Herbal supplements

Toppik/ Nanogen

Saw Palmetto

Provillus - LOL

Nanogen Shampoo

Laser Treatments (Epic Fail)


10 long years of HT and general HL research.:cool:


*I am not a medical professional, I only offer my own advice from personal experiences and years of detailed research*

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Thread naming fail: How can an experience with Dr. Konior not be fantastic?? Jk ;), congratulations, and thanks for sharing your case, all Konior cases are highly appreciated. Happy growing :)

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