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"resting phase" Arm hair to head hair..fin


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You know how you read about resting phases of hair ect...heres something I found interesting. About 2-3 months ago I buzzed my body hair to about an 1/8 inch...everywhere.


I noticed my arm hair even three months later is not fully grown back. 1/2 of the hairs are longer ande look normal length but about 1/2 are still the same length as when I cut it...isnt that strange? So it got me thinking that YES, I would have to try fin for at least 6 months probablly to see a difference on my head hair....if my arm hair can take that long to grow then maybe my head hair can take just as long to react to fin and show results....

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Good observation. Also, it's another reason why BHT (Body Hair Transplants) should absolutely be the last resort.

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I know that BHT tend to grow slowly, however what about facial hair? That seems to grow in faster than my normal head hair..



First transplant with karamikian 6/05, less than 1000 to my hairline, result was mediocre at best.

2nd HT with Feller 2/08, 3000+ to my front third.

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This depends on the individual. I have hair on my shoulders, back, and chest that grows 2 to 3 inches long. I've shaved it before, but after 2 days you can see the stubble already coming in. I'm still getting more and it's getting thicker and longer each year.


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