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Should I start with hairloss meds? (pics)

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I'm about to turn 26 and in the last 5 years my hairline at the temples has been receding very slowly. I have thick hair and have no hairloss whatsoever on the top of my head and no hairloss on the crown. My 2 year older brothers hairline at the temples is also receding but less than mine. My father and all relatives experienced minor hairloss at the temples before 30 but they all kept their hair even now when their 50+. Although their hair is rather thin with some bald patches. I would love to get some answers to:


- Based on the photos and this info, how does it look?

- If I want to prevent hairloss and even grow some hair back on the temples, would it be wise for someone at my stage to start with Rogaine and Propecia?

- Is it possible to get hair to grow back on the temples as it was before by using Rogaine?

- Does hairloss occur in different stages in life? Can I expect it to continue at this pace or is it possible that the hairloss will stop or that the pace might increase or decrease?


Thanks a lot!




(The last pic is 5 years old, that's when I noticed it started happening)





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I would keep taking photos every six months and compare them, but with you family history of having that kind of hair line it could just be maturation. You are kind of boarder line, but I don't know if I would get into meds just yet. I have s friend that had a hairline like that in his early twenties and is in his mid forties more. If the hairline starts "busting up" and thinning you will need to consider meds, but it still looks solid from the pics.

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Thanks for your reply, it's really appreciated! I'm currently really happy about my hair and the hairloss at the temples doesn't bother me that much, my fear lies in losing a lot more hair in the future.


If I don't start using Rogaine/minox now and wait a few years. Isn't there a risk that the hair follicules will die (if they aren't dead already) and that minox won't work anymore? Compared to if I start using minox now and the hair follicules might still be "alive"?

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Both minoxidil and propecia have been found to be more effective in the mid to crown areas, however, propecia (finasteride) has shown some positive effect in frontal area on some patients. Consult a doctor and let him/her know you'd like to get started on Finasteride. It comes in a 5mg form and you can cut it into 1/4 for your 1mg daily dosage. Very economical this way...


Best of luck!

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If you are worried about the prospect of going bald then you should get on Propecia ASAP. Many people don't get sides and you don't know if you will until you try.....also, I would not worry about claims of permanent side effects from just a few months of taking it. Complete baloney in my book.

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