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  1. The dose response curve is nearly flat for finasteride. It's not perfectly flat so you may benefit from increasing dosage...but it's probably not much.
  2. You're not supposed to feel the difference. If you generally look similar to how you did when you started, it's a success.
  3. So after my last surgery, in the fall I decided to go for another pass with Dr Lupanzula. He offered to do a touch up in the front, which came to be about 900 grafts, and I wanted to do an additional 1500ish in the midscalp which had been untouched so far. I'll post photos shortly. Right now I'm 4.5 months post-op. I had planned on posting earlier, but was unable to as I got pretty busy around the holiday season, and frankly after month 2, I don't really think about my hair too much (other than maybe my my donor area, but that's another issue). Again, many thanks to "Joe" who encouraged m
  4. So this is generally what I ended up doing. I'll post another thread shortly.
  5. After 9 days, the grafts are firmly rooted, so you're probably safe to go then? 2 weeks sounds reasonable though.
  6. That's a fair point. I knew I would need to get work done on midscalp etc, maybe I will do it after I cool off for a bit.
  7. I can't imagine it would, but I would buy a hat, probably two, one for sun and one for cold weather. Once you're past the 1wk benchmark, you can probably protect your hair with hats.
  8. Hope everybody gets a great transplant. I guess I'll be trolling an SMP forum from now on.
  9. Thanks. Fair point, but I guess nothing can be done now. This has been such a draining exercise, I don't know if I have it in me to get even more work done. Time will tell I guess.
  10. I'd love to grow my hair out where a side part is feasible, but it just looks thin and limp. I get that there is growth, but with 3.5k grafts (with very high graft count including sextuples (!)), and a coarse hair caliber I think it was fair to expect more...
  11. Here are just over 12 month photos. While I note growth throughout the frontal region, the density does seem to be less than what I expected. Especially the hairline, which I feel should be denser given the sheer amount of grafts and the high level of MFU's implanted.
  12. Hey guys, sorry for the delay in posting. I have been dealing with an unrelated health issue. But as promised here are my 10M photos. I sent them to the clinic, and their response was that they note improvement over the frontal region where the surgery was done. While I note the improvement, the density is not as great as I had hoped. Please let me know what you all think- this is 10 Months. I will also post 12 Month images.
  13. Hey all, I spoke with Dr Lupanzula, and he said that there is still more growth to come and to wait the full 12 months. I will be patient and keep updating you guys. I've been a lot busier with work recently, so don't log on as much as before, but I will update with 11month and 12 month results. Appreciate the support from you guys!
  14. Hey mikeyhwk, Dr L estimated a range of 5k-7k grafts of total capacity in addition to beard grafts. I'll update the thread after speaking to the clinic.
  15. Yeah thanks all. I have been in touch with the independent representative and he has been very helpful, and I should hear back from the clinic. I guess I'll start doing consults to see if Round 2 is possible etc. (donor-willing)
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