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Combing transplanted hair

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I read recently that transplanted hair generally only combs well in one direction. Would other people on this board agree with this claim, or is transplanted hair generally as rearrangeable and moveable as the rest of the head?

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It actually depends on a couple of things. First, they have to have been placed in a natural angle and direction as such would be found on a non-balding scalp. If the doctor is a hack and places the new hairs in a completely opposite direction to what would be considered natural then that will cause problems with hair styles. It also depends on the size of the grafts. If you have large multi-hair grafts such as is found in the older mini-micro grafting then that too can be a problem. It is the same difference when trying to bend a thick older tree compared to bending a young thin sapling.


I had both problems combined from two surgeries in the early nineties. I had one hairstyle, straight back:) However, since then I've had an additional 9300 (and change) grafts and they have helped to change how I can style my hair. In fact, they have added to the density of my final result and I can pretty much style my hair in most ways that I like save for some hair styles that require native density. I hope this helps.

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It depends on each person and I think you don't want to worry more about combing. After hair transplantation its better to comb by hands and it is good not to use gel or any other hair color products at least for 3 weeks. Once your hair got long enough you can start using these styling products. But make sure to treat the transplanted area gently.

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Here's the deal. Many men who had HTs comb their hair shafts straight back for several reasons.


First, they do it to create more illusionary volume and density. For most individuals, that is not the natural direction of the hair yet if you try it on yourself, you will see what I mean. Brushing the hair from front-to-back creates even more of the illusion versus combing. I do this myself.


The secondary reason is that you get more of a comb-over effect when there is thinning or a balding spot in the crown. And the longer you grow the hair shafts, the more coverage you get! Again, I do this myself.


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