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  1. Hi all.. Just entered month 4. OMG what a transformation. I love it! I will post pictures soon. I have growth all over the area. I think every single graft is growing so I am very excited. I have worn my hairpiece on top for the entire time with out adhesive. Just a bit of got2be glue and it worked out flawlessly. @pkipling: Yes it is. But it is HARD work!
  2. Best of luck. I am 3 month in my procedure done by Bhatti, and I have a lot of growth. The same or more than David (moderator) at this point:D And his result is perfect.
  3. Okay. 2 month + 10 days out. Hairs are growing. I think 30 % of the hairs never felt out, and the just keeps growing. Most in the front hairline. I can feel hairs growing from the entire area. And I know my hair grows slowly, so this is excellent at this early stage. Naturally some hair from my old hairtransplant is also affected by the fin. + minox coctail prescibed, as I never used this before, so unexpected surprises down the road. It is already much much easier to use the systemt in combination with the procedure, and it is completely undetectable.
  4. I wanted to post some pictures of what cheap hairpieces can look like in the hands of some one with artistry and the will to experiment and take it a step further. This is pictures of hairpieces, that I ordered as stock units, then redesigned and recolored. And excellent choice for someone, who have a narrow hairline, but having wide temples as I did, the hairline area was long and that area needs some attention weekly, which initially led me back down the HT-road. But if I had narrow temples with a greater framing of the face, I would most certainly have stuck with what I had developed as a non-surgical very low cost alternative (low cost relative to what I have seen out there) This could also be a great thing to plump on your head in the recovery face post-op, as you don?t have to use any adhesive. Just a bit of non-toxic hair gel. So in combination with a no shave technique, you can actually do this completely off the radar, if you are wearing a hairpiece pre-op. It could also be done to illustrate how one would look with hair, and also to get the hairlinedesign right, pre-op. I also wanted to show these pictures to give some insight to a community normally airtight sealed, known to the few, because hairpieces is tabu, to rebut the prejudices. Hairpieces are not rugs, but a lot of people lack the necessary creative skills to optimize them. And don?t even get me started on the hairpiece-saloons, that for all I know are rubbish (tried some back in the days, and have seen a lot of people get "abused" by them)
  5. Not much to report. Almost 2 month out. approximately 30-40 % of hairs has not shed and is still growing. I will report back in 2 month time.
  6. 4 weeks out. Lost 5 % hairs that went out with scabs. All other hairs seems to grow just fine. New hair from former hairtransplant grows too. I will update again when I hit 1 month. No signs of shedding so hope to avoid the ugly duck face.
  7. I had that closure and it does not work if stretched. Also FUE into scar tissue has lower yield - I?ve heard. Blood supply is harder to obtain.
  8. I use north west lace. I can recommend the UTS model. Read on the north west lace forum to get educated. It?s a steep learning curve.
  9. The type of laxity I know I have is the type where the skin is loosely attached.. Don?t know about the collagen. Actually I got a protein powder with collagen peptides...
  10. Blake: 1st FUT it stretched just as much as second. The second FUT was actually done as a FUT and scar revision. It was a VERY small FUT and he cut out the old FUT scar and made the line a bit longer (1st FUT maybe 8 cm long; 2nd FUT around 12 cm long) to take out more grafts for the front as well. Used TC for closure second time - not sure if that procedure was developed first time (2006). Scar stretched exactly the same again. Don?t remember what I was told about workout. Just to take it easy until stitches came out. I did deadlifts, squat etc. I have high laxity skin. You can see a picture of my scar in my thread.
  11. I got two FUTs in the past. Left me with HUGE scar and poor growth. Don?t choose based on FUT or FUE. Choose based on doctors results ONLY and find cases similar to yours for comparison. Also the risk of stretching is real. I did heavy weightlifting shortly after FUT with trichophytic closure. I waited for the stings to come out - 14 days. Scar looked perfect after the first 1-2 month. Nice pencil line. Started stretching after a while. Now stretched 1 cm. Big risk.
  12. Bear in mind that some areas don?t have grafts (looks spread out), but that?s probably because I have hairs there, which is kind of hard to see at the moment. Those hairs will also strengthen when I use rogaine later on. Which I have actually never used before, also in combination with finasterid, which I have never used for more than 3 month, but now that the pills are cheaper, I am on them for good. Currently at me 5-6 month on 1 mg fin. I reckon.