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Is transplanted hair the same thickness and ur normal hair

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What i mean by this question is when say a "dr" takes say a fue graft from the side/back of ur head and transplants that elsewhere does it grow with the same density as it did in its original position on ur head? It doesnt lose any thickness or change.

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yes mine is the same exact thickness and density as those that grow in the donor area (the individual hairs themselves not the overall density)

some of them when first growing in were very thick and black (my hair is brown) but after a few months they settle in color and texture


some do report of thin or wispy and even coarse hair at first, but this was not my experience

go dense or go home


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I think the word you are looking for is "caliber." And as long as your donor is not miniaturizing, yes it is.

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True. Mine is of the same caliber as the donor hairs... but much thicker than my native hairs that are in the Recipient region... so the donors are much stronger than the natives, and I'm quite happy about that. These donor hairs are generally DHT-resistant.

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