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Dr. Carlos K. Wesley (NYC): Male Frontal FUE (2030)

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A 31-year-old male underwent a 2030 graft follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure with Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. (NYC). The session was focused on the frontal half of the patient's scalp and the grafts were incubated in PRP with ACell. The patient returned to our office 13 months after his procedure and comparative images can be viewed below.











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An immediate post op would be helpful to see. I'm guessing the entire frontal forelock was nuked from orbit and transplanted over? Considering this, and that his hairline was lowered along with the temple corners brought forward slightly, this seems pretty good for only 2000 grafts. But I think he needed more than 2000 grafts. The density, especially at the hairline itself, is quite low. I think another 1000 grafts could have made a big difference.


While I think he would benefit from a higher density the low density at least looks natural. He can use toppik/concealer now too if he desires, as his hairline is much better.

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