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Cowlick vs bald spot

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Cant see any "spot" in the first picture. Your hairline looks great to me. I too used to have two huge cowlicks (not anymore! ha)


It's hard to tell from the other pics if your hair is parted weird. It could be interpreted as thinning, but this just may be the natural fall of your hair. In a nutshell I would say you have lots of hair!


It does look like the hair on your crown is thinner and more straw like. This can be an early sign. It started with me around 16 years old. I obviously didn't know better at the time that over the next 15 years I would progress with balding.


Go to a hair specialist and they will tell you if they see early miniaturization on the crown. Catch it early, get on meds, and you may be able to prevent a lot of loss if you are indeed likely to see some.

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It does look thin, but you could just have thin hair. I think the best way to determine it if it is that important is to get a buzz cut, which really sheds light on the situation. Keep an eye on it (take pics every 6 months...not every day and compare). If it doesn't change, don't do anything. If it does, consider medical therapy. Your hairline is great btw.

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