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  1. Whatever you do: do not touch the recipient area for 7-14 days. If you feel you can't apply the ice pack to the donor area without touching the new grafts then don't do it. Maybe use a small, narrower ice pack
  2. The potency of many drugs remains stable for many years/decade post expiration date. Storage conditions play a role in its stability but that goes for drugs not "expired" as well so... "Used by" variable re: potency of a drug is just a guide. I think you made a good deal.
  3. Congrats on your progress! Looks great! More importantly, thank you for your service. Be safe dude
  4. Looks very good. Congratulations. Maybe you can FUE a few hundred into the areas you feel need more. Probably very easy to hide with your long hair.
  5. Stay on the Rogaine and get on Propecia for at least a year. Vertex (crown) probably won't be an issue anymore and you will even see improvement in mid-scalp as well. Then you can how you want to address the hairline. You may not need to. Don't rush this. A hair transplant, for most, is a tool in the box of hair loss solutions. A one and done HT approach is not for most. A multi-therapy approach will best way to maintain what you have and prepare your scalp for future surgery.
  6. Yes, those tiny flakes of blood are normal. Looking good.
  7. I agree with what you have noticed and with what people have commented on in person without provocation. Good news is that you have great density and an easy fix with a "FUE" singles to soften it a bit, especially if you want to style your hair as you do with an exposed hairline Go on a few consults with some hairline docs that you like, such as Matt J's. Looking good
  8. Fin and/or Dut plus Rogaine would so have a very high likelihood of solving the crown and donor issues in a year then FUE the hairline a bit and you are good to go.
  9. Hey benny Not sure if overseas means Europe or North America but if Europe you can plan some consults into your travels. Some of the best FUE surgeons are located in London and the continent. You may have to wait a bit to get an actual surgerical date as well. On the consults you will find out if there is a consensus upon examination if your vision for your hair is possible and if it is appropriate given your age etc. Have a great trip and have fun with the consults.
  10. Do you have any photos of graft placement immediately post op It does look fuller in some sections but hard to compare photos since hair is parted/matted in different areas. Overall I can see how you would think the 6 month post op looks the same as the pre-ops but that is probably not the case on a closer look
  11. looking good even at 5+ months great design yes any change in regimen, including increase strength of minoxidil, can cause a bit of a shed. this will return. Plus could be a little shock from the surgery that put some follicles into sleep mode.(yes this is possible even though the HT was at the front). This will return as well Congrats on your results so far