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  1. Before HT go back on Fin for 18 months. Your hair loss progression “looks” like it would be a great responder to this type of therapy. If used at correct dosage everyday, you may not need the HT.
  2. Did not see your pre-ops but looking at this post op pic above, Dr. Rahal has many successful HT with this type of restoration, that is, ones with thick dense hair especially in the central “poof,” as you have. Can tell from your 3.5 mo pics that this will be a winner. Congratulations.
  3. Hair transplants are rarely if ever one and done. My first was with Rahal got great density but design was off so didn’t go back. Everyone was personable and even Rahal drove me to the guesthouse. That said either of your choices are top clinics so you can’t go wrong. Will it come out perfect to your desires? Maybe. Might you need a further touch-up no matter with whom you go? Possibly. Why? This is the nature of hair transplants. Get it done some or most hair grows well. But You then want to tweak it with another in areas that didn’t grow well then do another procedure to adjust the design, t
  4. Don’t worry John Rahal will tweak anything that needs it. He is not one to deny when things things don’t go as well as they could have. So you are safe on that end. Let it grow out though to get the full effect. The area you are concerned about is a small area and an easy fix to add some density. He will probably do it for free as well. He is that kind of guy. Don’t think about it for now but let it grow out. Take pics of the area monthly like you have been and it will show the area did not reject the grafts but that none were placed. It won’t take much to fill and he will fill others ar
  5. Looking great! I hear you re: styling dry post HT. Seems it always looks better with a bit of product But most non-HT people use/need styling products as well. Congratulations!
  6. Heard this same description from a few patients. Can't get better than this. Great to see FUE posts from this doctor. Happy Growing
  7. Whatever you do DO NOT STOP THE REGAINE AND FIN by month 12 you will be sitting pretty with a full head of hair Nothing to do but wait and try not to examine Maybe stay off these boards till then, waiting can get frustrating but maybe taking your mind off of it all till then will help. There is nothing else you can do right now anyway. You are doing all the right things. You'll see. Give it a full 12 months on these meds and let the HT grow in.
  8. Looks totally normal for 1 month. Looks like a lot of grafts didn't shed. You're going to be very happy next X-mas! Congrats!
  9. Design couldn't be better Even if you need more density, this design will serve you (and future HT if you want them) very well (yeah, that little patch in the back is shock loss but it is very small. This will return, so don't worry) Congratulations!
  10. Ya can't get better advice than Konior Fin, Rogaine, conservative goals ...wait a year + on fin and Rogaine Not 6 months
  11. There will be definite growth and maturing after 6 months It is just my experience that if you are unhappy at around 6 months in terms of progress/design you will likely want to have another HT pass Regardless of my past experience, this is a great improvement even at 6 months and will improve even further; hopefully, to the patient's satisfaction. If not there is always, rogaine, fin, and FUE.
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