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Hair restoration advice!


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Im considering getting the most up to date hair restoration surgery. Im on here to find out if it hurts really bad. How long the procedure takes. What they give you during and after surgery? Im kind of sensitive to to meds. Also looking to see how much it costs. Im very self conscious about the way i look with my balding. I want to Thank everyone for there imput.Im really hoping for some kind of support on what to do. I want to also find a really good doctor.


Any advice please message me so i can read. Trying to figure out how to use website.


Thanks guys

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I would say don't be in a hurry as most people spend months if not years considering whether to do this or not. Anway, I'd recommend reading as many threads as you can on here over the space of 4+ months.


Some good sites for general 'How do transplants work', then there are links at the top of the page. Also read some of the clinics sites, eg:


Hair Transplant NYC | Hair Restoration | Bernstein Medical New York

Chicago Hair Institute | Raymond J. Konior, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Shapiro Medical Group - Hair Transplantation and Hair Restoration

Hair Transplants | Hair Transplant Surgery | Hasson & Wong

Hair Transplants New York / New Jersey, Long Island and International - The best hair transplant surgeon – Dr Alan Feller

4,312 FUT grafts (7,676 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2013

1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

763 FUE grafts (2,094 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - January 2020

Proscar 1.25mg every 3rd day

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FUE technique is not invasive and the most annoying part is the anesthetic, which is on the border between painful and uncomfortable for the first couple of shots. But apart from that it is really not an issue (coming from someone who doesn't take physical pain very well either).


Meds you get largely depend on your doctor, but you'll likely end up with painkillers and antihistamines for up to a week. Again, nothing to worry about, as long as you manage to stay at home and rest.

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Basic steps to take,


1. Research your butt off and find out all the pros, cons, and risks involved with a hair transplant. Some people spend years doing this.

2. Research which treatments you need and determine what's best for you. It typically takes 6+ months to stabilize your hairloss once you begin treatment. The most common treatments are Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Nizoral and those are all taken together. If you're serious about stabilizing your hair, you need to take at least Finasteride (or an equivalent).

3. Take detailed pictures of your hair from many angles before you begin treatment.

4. Start treatment.

5. Determine very specifically what your goals are. This includes the design of the hairline.

6. Research doctors and get a list a few that you like the most. This can also take quite a while. Going by price is not recommended. Get consultations with said doctors (online might be good enough depending on your situation). Schedule a surgery date 6+ months out with the one you like the most.

7. After around 6 months, take new pictures and determine the state of your hair. If your hair is worse, you're not ready. Continue treatment and reasses in a month. If it looks the same or better, you're probably ready.

8. Determine whether taking the treatments from step 1 for the rest of your life is worth it, that you're willing to accept the risks involved with the hair transplant and the strong possibility for needing work done again in the future.

9. Get a hair transplant.


As for the actual surgery itself, it's not painful. Most people seem to describe it as tedious and boring. Some doctors have you watch movies during the procedure.

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Thanks so much for writing to me. Its all new to me. You def put me at ease. How long does the different parts of the take to get it done. Have a great day. Im going to see whos a good doc on New jersey where i live. I pulled some prices. 11,000 for the base price of getting this done,with the most updated equipment.

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