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Hello Guys, I had my hair transplant about 2 months ago... almost +%90 of my transplanted hair are already shed. I started to notice dry, flaky and pimply(just a few) scalp since week 5-6. I finally had to squeeze them to since they were irritated and felt bumpy. some blood, discharge and the hair came out as I applied some pressure. Do you think I might have damaged the actual follicle? my second concern is that I quite often find myself touching my scalp using my nails to pull out crust along with the hair stuck to it. I always see hair along with the dried skin that bothers me alot. i am afraid that I may have actually pulled out the whole graft. I would really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this.


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Don't squeeze them, there hairs trying to pop through use a hot/ warm flannel in them to draw them out! My post op instructions say don't squeeze them. It's normal to get them. Try not to pick any scabs just use your finger tips to massage in a circular motion using aloe Vera or a body lotion to remove, don't use your nails. Everyone gets these problems so it's normal and nothing to worry about.

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you didn't pull out the bulb

you need a scalpel for that at this point


that said


in your case



believe me



was rigorously 2x a day to remove flaky skin


you might want to go to your dermatologist and get on low dose doxycycline which controls inflammation

it does not work as an antibiotic at low doses just an anti-inflammatory which will calm down the area and help you get through these next few months

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Hi Rev,

Im close to 7 weeks after procedure now. My scalp is still pink and seemingly getting bumpier and a lil pimplier by the day. Did a dr recommend the low dose doxycycline which controls inflammation? Did you use it? Was it effective? How long did it take until the bumps and redness went away for you?


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This is perfectly normal and something most hair transplant patients experience regardless of whether they undergo FUE or FUSS (FUT/Strip). As already suggested, this is the transplanted hair starting to come through the scalp. Using a warm, wet compress will help. Aloe Vera can also help. There's a product I used after my second hair transplant called "Tend Skin" which is for slightly more extreme conditions but it really helped to soften the skin so that the hair could come through easier without infection.


Best wishes,



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Though I didn't use it myself, I've read quite a few times that applying witch hazel to the scalp can really help combat the redness. My donor area stayed pink for quite a while (to my super critical eye, anyway - most people didn't even notice until I pointed it out), and if I had known of the witch hazel solution I would've given it a shot.


The pimples and flakes are normal. Try not to pick at them, but I know firsthand how hard it is to just leave them alone. If you do decide to try to pop them, just make sure you apply warm compression to them first and make sure your hands are clean to avoid any infection. That said, damaging the grafts is impossible at this point (save for a sunburn - so stay out of the sun/keep your scalp covered!) so don't worry about dislodging any grafts. They're safe and sound. :)

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