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Advice request on a few questions

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Hi all,


I'm a 30 year old male thats been balding since about 21-22. I've used propecia since maybe 22-23ish, switching to generic finasteride 5mg split to 4ths in the last 4 years, with minoxidil mixed in around 25-26 and ongoing since. However, when wet, I've noticed its getting very thin recently. While dry it still looks decent with good coverage (probably a I to II at worst), I'd like to get it fuller and fill in temporal balding, probably with a hair transplant. My questions are:


1. Is this even worth it or should I see how much worse it gets? It does both me a lot and I'd like to increase it but not at the expense of issues in the future if I do lose more hair.


2. Is doing an FUE better for now? I hear it may have issues later if I do a strip, which may offer more potential donor hairs.


3. Does anyone know any good doctors in the Southern California area? Anything between Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, etc., are all prospective doctors.


4. If I were to choose one of the doctors, are any particularly know for their FUE results?


Thanks in advance everyone, there is a LOT of information here and I'm still trying to process everything. :)


I'll try to post pictures of wet and dry front and top as soon as I can.

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1. It's hard to tell without pictures. As for whether you need it, no one really *needs* a HT. It's whether you want to do it. IMHO low Norwood II cases should not jump to surgery because they can easily conceal their hair loss with hairstyle and aggressive reconstruction can cost them in the future with the progress of the loss. Higher classes (III-V) should be careful about the surgeon they choose because they need to match the new with existing hair. We in the NW VI-VII range don't have much to lose any more so our goals are necessarily a bit different.


2. I'd say it is as good in the hands of a good surgeon, but you've just opened Pandora's box of this forum.


3. Check out the "Recommended Physicians" section on here.


4. Lorenzo, Bisanga, Feriduni, Doganay, Erdogan are all among the best FUE surgeons available.

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2. Is doing an FUE better for now? I hear it may have issues later if I do a strip, which may offer more potential donor hairs.


This is a controversial topic, but one way to look at it... which do you want to avoid more? The possibility of a little less yield (risk of FUE), or the possibility of a large scar on the back of your head (risk of FUT)? I think with most good FUT outcomes the scar is still pretty noticeable with short hair, while with FUE the scarring is almost undetectable. Personally I think in the hands of a world class FUE surgeon there is very little to no difference in yield.

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