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Post HT Improvement

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When did you guys see your biggest improvement?


4-5 months

5-6 months

6-7 months

7-8 months


My first HT went like this:


4 months: Started filling in. Still thin but definitely had some decent growth

5 months: Improved a lot from 4 months and was groomable.

6 months: I felt happy and if it stopped, I would be 75% satisfied

8 months: I could not believe how much it improved from 6 months. It was twice as thick as six months. I was thrilled.


After 8 months, I really don't think I had more growth or even thickening but rather just maturing from there forward.


My second transplant seems to be following this same timeline.

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Procedure #1: 5229 Grafts with Dr. Rahal Oct, 2010

Procedure #2: 2642 Grafts with Dr. Rahal Aug, 2013


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Great post. I think that 80 percent of my improvement was there my 6 months. I had a much smaller area worked on, so I think that may reduced the cosmetic difference in the timeline. A 20 percent increase in growth, I think is much more noticeable in a pt with a larger area covered.

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very timely, just discussed with Spanker about this the other day.


#1 Dr. Hasson - hair on my thinnest balding side never fell out and had a new hairline right away, overall results peaked in a boom way! at 6 months

#2 Dr. Konior - had significant cosmetic difference at prior to three months, continuing to thicken at month 5. Waiting for the remaining boom! to come :-)

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