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Dr. Bernard Arocha: Restoration of the Hairline and Frontal Areas

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This patient is a 31 year old gentleman who was experiencing a receding hairline and thinning in the frontal area. He came to Arocha Hair Restoration for restoration of the hairline and frontal areas. Dr. Bernard Arocha performed an ultra-refined 3,500 follicular unit transplant (FUT) procedure to restore the affected areas. The post-op hair transplant results photos were captured 18 months after the procedure. The patient is on Propecia to help mitigate the progression of his androgenetic alopecia (AGA).


For more photos and additional information about Dr. Arocha and Arocha Hair Restoration, please click here or visit Photos - Restoration of the Hairline and Frontal Areas on Houston Hair Transplant, Houston Hair Restoration for Arocha Hair Restoration in Houston Texas US.







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How many grafts? Early/late/or mid-30's?


It's unfortunate to still see the watermarks over the treated area. I know that we have discussed this before but I don't spend much time of photos that have them because I feel that the presentation is so distracting. Even if the result is a home run, all I can see is the watermark. I think you lose more business by using them then not using them. The most successful and sought after clinics in the world do not use them and they are doing fine and do not lose business because of it. That will be my final rant of the subject. It could just me my own personal pet peeve, but I don't think I am the only one that would like to see these gone from the treated area. Enough of that though.


It's a nice result.

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Spanker: I updated the description to include specific age (31 years) and number of follicles transplanted (3,500). Thanks for your feedback -- the Doctor and I have discussed the watermark and wherever possible we'll try not make sure the hair is unobstructed going forward.

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